This customizable system-type ' place and ready ' helps small and medium-sized companies optimize the use of their spaces, with the integration of management systems of calendars used in these 7- and 10.1-inch touch panels.

AMX It has available in the Iberian market through AVIT Vision reservation of rooms and spaces Acendo Book system, specially designed for SMEs who want to take full advantage of the use of its rooms and spaces for meetings with a system of the type ' place and ready ' with a set price.

Touch panels AMX Acendo Book, in 7- and 10.1-inch sizes, are independent for booking and directly integrate with systems management calendars most widely used, such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar, without need to add more hardware.

I acendo Book represents the evolution of the touch panels for reservation of rooms RoomBook of AMX, which now become part of the product range Acendo. One of its differential is its new firmware, which improves speed and installation (without programming) this solution by integrating with Acendo Core.

The background color of the user interface and the lights Led side panel Acendo Book alternate between green and red, depending on the State of availability of rooms (free and busy, respectively).

If it is in use, users can easily locate the nearest available room or meet the time which will be free; If you are not using, they can start without delay the meeting and the availability of space will be updated instantly.

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By • Apr 25, 2017
• Section: accessories, Control, Display