With this IP-based system, the complex has established a distribution center where the content can be instantly sent to screens located in any part of the building.

AVIT Vision at Australian Technology Park

Between 1800 and final of 1900, the Locomotive Workshops (talleres de locomotives) were a leading world industrial centre for railways. It is one of the oldest historical monuments in Sydney which today have been converted and hosts events and technology Australian Technology Park complex)ATP).

AVIT Vision at Australian Technology ParkThis space has become a site popular for all kinds of events, from small meetings of boards to conventions. Able to accommodate up to 10,000 people at the same time, the complex needed an alternative to outsourcing AV for the hundreds of events every year. I wanted to find an automated and self-supporting system capable of working in building individual meeting rooms, but flexible enough to run on larger events.

The solution should operate independently, but be agile and adaptable for working with AV equipment of third parties, if necessary.

AVIT Vision at Australian Technology ParkThe main requirement of the ATP was the need to send content to the screens of the complex. They wanted to make sure that it could transmit performances of theatre live at the waiting rooms and other areas of displacement, to accommodate live streaming from the Internet and display ads and promotional signage.

The system integrator avlogic It provided a central AV solution based on IP SVSI to ATP's AMX, brand of the Harman group that distributes in Spain Avit Visionthat has allowed the complex to establish a distribution center, where the content can be instantly sent to screens located in any part of the building.

Steve Hardie, head of IT at ATP that has been involved in the entire process of design and installation, highlights the modular structure of the system, which made installation quick and cost-effective, as well as its ability to expand is tailored to the needs of the complex to continue growing.

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By • 6 Jul, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, signs distribution