To solve the problem posed by the Columbus Control Center projectors, the old teams have been replaced by four E-Vision Laser 8500s from Digital Projection.

Digital Projection Columbus Control Center

When Columbus Control Center projectors – Col-CC), responsible for the European module of the International Space Station (International Space Station – ISS), became increasingly problematic towards the end of its life cycle, the German aeronautics Deutsches Zentrum f'r Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), had to choose to replace the existing equipment. After calling the tender, the E-Vision Laser 8500 projector Digital Projection was the option of choice, with four teams of this model being set up.

The E-Vision Laser 8500 projector offers 8,500 lumens from a stable solid-state light source capable of providing 20,000 hours of operation. In addition, the solid-state system prevents the need to replace the lamp that increases costs and causes downtime.

Digital Projection Columbus Control Center

These functionality that allows you to continue runtime, combined with the 'Fit and Forget' directive developed for this single-chip projector, ensures that only minimal maintenance is required for the entire life of the equipment. The E-Vision Laser 8500 adapts to a wide range of professional locations, including environments such as mission-critical control centers.

The Columbus Control Center consists of three interchangeable control rooms and the Columbus flight team conducts 24/7 operations, using one room for real-time operations, another as a reserve for the operative and the third for simulation and updating activities.

In the operational control room, the displays are divided into three separate segments, each displaying unique, text-rich content. The projectors are controlled remotely through a larger management system, which also allows monitoring and control of other Col-CC subsystems.

Digital Projection Columbus Control Center

La instalación del proyector, inicialmente configurada por Jeremy Pierce Mayer, ingeniero de vídeo del GMV-Insyen AG, bajo contrato con DLR, y gerente de proyecto principal para el reemplazo del proyector, fue realizada por el equipo de instalaciones de GSOC. El entorno de operaciones de alto ritmo del centro de control predispuso a los equipos de instalación participantes hacia líneas de comunicación altamente efectivas que permitían resolver cualquier problema como la configuración de la red o cualquier otro obstáculo a gran velocidad.

“La instalación fue sencilla. Los proyectores se instalaron mientras la sala de control estaba en funcionamiento. Tras la instalación inicial y la configuración, que duró aproximadamente cuatro horas, se finalizó la configuración de forma remota, confiando en nuestro sistema CCTV de sala de control”, afirma Jeremy Pierce Mayer.

The Columbus Control Center works closely with the NASA, RosCosmos y otros socios privados y públicos para apoyar las actividades de ISS. Se encuentra dentro del Centro de operaciones espaciales alemanas (GSOC). Responsable de todas las misiones de satélite, el DLR dispone de múltiples institutos de investigación.

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