New facilities have been installed systems of digital series switching DTP, gateways for wireless collaboration of ShareLink series, Pro series control solutions, as well as amplifiers and loudspeakers from Extron.

Extron in Delta Galil

Delta Galil It is a textile designer who has more than 10,000 employees in multiple geographic locations. The company is one of the few manufacturers worldwide that develops and produces its own raw and already finished garments to ensure quality and sustainability through the entire process.

Its new headquarters, located in the city of Caesarea (Israel), houses a design centre, a space of r & d and production, together with the Executive and corporate staff divisions. In the direction of the Board of Delta Galil, the Italian architect, Pierpaolo Ricatti, designed the interior to improve participation and dissemination of information among all levels of the organization.

Delta Galil's top priorities for the AV systems in spaces of meeting and collaboration of this new headquarters consisted of reliable systems with a high quality image and were easy to handle. In addition, he wanted to make efficient use of the rooms and centralized management of AV resources

We used the services of the company Audio Visual Control Solutions)AVCS) to integrate the equipment, which included switching systems digital series DTP, gateways for wireless collaboration of ShareLink, control systems of the series Pro series, as well as amplifiers and loudspeakers of Extron.

This infrastructure is completed by the software of the system of reserve rooms Extron Room Agent, allowing the planning at the request of the meeting rooms, and the tool GlobalViewer Enterprise (GEV), from the same manufacturer, which simplifies the management of AV resources with intuitive control of the most common tasks, including various functions of attention to the client.

"The challenge was to create systems reliable and easy to use to provide a consistent experience for the user, regardless of the room that was used. Using the range of products provided by Extron, we have been able to create complete systems that offer easy to use operation. Depending on specific requirements, we have selected several solutions to switch video, digital audio, touch screens for professional level or a simple button control, Wi-Fi and rooms reservation systems", says Sharon Shemer, Technical Director, AVCS.

Extron in Delta Galil

AV implementation

The project for this four-storey building included a boardroom and a 120 seat downstairs Auditorium and meeting rooms of different sizes and functionality on each floor. Each room is equipped with projectors of Christie, screen display devices flat LCD's Sony, or a combination of these devices.

Standard AV sources include a fixed computer, a Blu‑ray player, a gateway for wireless collaboration of Extron and AV connectivity for devices with HDMI or VGA output. Specific spaces also offer ability to videoconference and access to a satellite TV system.

The design team proposed several designs of switching and distribution AV based, both as fixed I/O switching matrices in modular chassis. These options support digital and analog, and the larger spaces, resolutions up to 4 k technology.

Climber switching arrays and switches for presentations meet all requirements. Depending on the size and use of the room, the AV system is based a switching matrix without jump with scaler for presentations IN1604 DTP of Extron, a climber's four innings with extension integrated through DTP or DTP CrossPoint series 4 K.

Extron in Delta Galil


The largest building room is the Auditorium, which shares with the adjacent Board room digital switching system. Presentations in both locations have to provide images of the highest quality.

The DTP CrossPoint 108 4 K IPCP MA 70 solution of Extron, a switching matrix presentation of 10 × 8 with scaling functions was chosen for these spaces and integrated processing. This model was selected for its ability to meet the requirements of application and performance, as it would be to support resolutions of 4 K in inputs and outputs video.

Sampling of chroma 4:4:4 provides improvement of the accuracy of the color and detail of the image, while the scaling in the DTP output delivers high quality images, which conforms to the native resolutions of video sources display devices. Extron technologies that ensure a fast and reliable switching between devices, integrated audio and control processors have helped make more effective design and installation of the system.

The directors of the company and guest speakers often lead their own laptops to meetings. They have the option of sharing content wirelessly through the gateway Extron ShareLink or connect to the system using an HDMI or VGA cable. The same goes for the presentations that take place in the Auditorium.

In the boardroom, the DTP T USW 233 switches, mounted under the table, they send signals to the switching matrix and in the Auditorium, switching DTP T FB 232 transmitters extend signal source from the floor boxes. Both DTP were configured to automatically select the active source, which simplifies management at the table and in locations without management of the Auditorium.

On top of each projector and back of the two devices display boardroom 60-inch flat recipients DTP HDMI 4 K 230 Rx Extron, that accept signals AV and control are through a shielded CATx cable reducing the total number of individual wires that run through this great space. Connected to the DTP CrossPoint 108 4K 70 MA IPCP, two wireless gateways ShareLink share content from a room to another from wireless devices.

Extron in Delta Galil


Video conferencing is an important tool to improve communication with remote facilities and connect with customers around the world; Therefore, to include this capability in the boardroom and the Auditorium was a requirement.

PTZ cameras and Vaddio Roboshot of videoconferencing are connected to the codec, using transmitters and receivers DTP through an array of DXP 44 HDMI switching. This not only distribution offers switching between angles of view of the room, if not allowing that the view of cameras can be included in archive recordings. A multimedia H.264 streaming SMP 351 processor simultaneously captures presentations of the Auditorium and the boardroom with different resolutions.


Extron in Delta GalilThe audio system also had to be compatible with the video conferencing system and support optimum sound at their destination. Another concern of the boardroom was a discreet speaker system to avoid deviating from a carefully crafted environment.

Using ProDSP audio processing in DTP CrossPoint switching matrix, was eliminated the need for a separate processor for mixing microphones.

To the Board room, equipment microphone/line inputs support four of the ten Cardioid microphones. The rest of wired microphones and wireless are managed through the matrix of digital processing ProDSP of 12 × 8 DMP 128 C P, connected to of switching DTP CrossPoint, through its expansion bus. Algorithms of automatic mixing ensures maximum gain before feedback. The microphones that are live, but not in use, are temporarily silenced until the rapporteur speak again. This keeps the system free from unwanted noise.

Además del procesamiento y enrutado de audio de alto rendimiento, la selección de este modelo DMP 128 específico se reducía a dos capacidades: AEC (cancelación de eco acústico para soportar sesiones de videoconferencia) y la opción de conectarse a una POTS (interfaz telefónica analógica).

AEC asegura que cualquier audio bidireccional remoto a través de videoconferencia o enlace web es libre de retrasos que confunden y ecos. POTS se utiliza para soportar el puente de conferencia. Tres amplificadores de la serie XPA de Extron, y una combinación de los altavoces SF 26X de techo y los SM 26 de montaje en superficie proporciona refuerzo de sonido.

The installation of the Auditorium includes audio DMP 128 C with eight channels of AEC DSP processor. 4002 XPA amplifier and two Extron XPA 2001‑100V mono amplifiers support couples of ceiling speakers with open back of two-way CS 26T, and two surface-mount speakers mounted in the front of the room. Audio switching matrix integrated amplifier supports three of the eleven speakers in the Auditorium, further reducing the number of components in the system.

Extron in Delta Galil

Control of the infrastructure

Para proporcionar un control del sistema AV versátil, cada sala incluye una pantalla táctil TouchLink Pro de montaje en pared de 3,5 pulgadas TLP Pro 320M de Extron, instalada en la entrada, y un modelo de sobremesa de 10 pulgadas TLP Pro 1020T, situado en un atril o en la mesa. La interfaz de usuario personalizada proporciona total funcionalidad, utilizando solo algunas páginas menú, simplificando el control al ponente. Esto incluye el uso de la puerta de enlace inalámbrica ShareLink y el sistema de telepresencia compartido.

Para el sistema de control, un procesador de control IP Link Pro IPCP Pro 550 de Extron funciona con el procesador de control IP Link Pro integrado en la matriz de conmutación DTP CrossPoint 108 4K IPCP MA 70.

Dispositivos como las pantallas táctiles y el receptor de TV por satélite son controlados a través de puertos IR/serie, y los elevadores de proyector y las pantallas se manejan utilizando relés. Los procesadores de control emparejados proporcionaron al personal de soporte de Delta Galil una interfaz de control con base en un navegador web, personalizada e intuitiva, para supervisar y gestionar la aplicación.

A rack in a Cabinet of computer, outside the Auditorium, home to the switching matrix DTP CrossPoint, videoconferencing, multimedia streaming SMP 351 processor and processor control IPCP Pro 550, as well as gateways ShareLink and two sound systems.

AVCS used Extron PCS (Product Configuration Software) to perform the configuration of different solutions.


Extron in Delta GalilThe meeting rooms are used for scheduled sessions and collaborations improvised with themes from clothing design to the study of textiles. To manage the various source signals, the climber IN1604 DTP of Extron, which provides three inputs HDMI HDCP-compliant and a universal analog video input is used.

The universal input is configured for computer RGB video, but can be reconfigured for HDTV, video components, S‑video or composite video, if necessary. A gateway of collaboration of ShareLink series connected to the climber via HDMI allows the use of wireless devices, such as a Windows or OS X laptop. To share the contents of tablets and smartphones Apple iOS and Android, employees use the mobile app, MirrorOp for the ShareLink.

The switch for presentations IN1604 DTP scale the video to the native resolution of the display device. The video, and any audio program extend to 55 inch flat screen display device through twisted pair cable. AV signals, together with the bi-directional control of the processor control IP Link IPL Pro S3, mounted in the rack cabinet, are transmitted to the DTP HDMI receiver 4 K 230 Rx mounted behind your display device.

En algunas de las salas de reuniones, la distancia entre el dispositivo de visualización y el conmutador está justo por debajo de los 70 m (230 ft), por lo que queda dentro de la capacidad del receptor DTP. Todas las señales pasan por cable CATx blindado, simplificando el cableado y reduciendo el tiempo de instalación. Este diseño de sistema AV también se ha replicado en los pequeños espacios de colaboración, como la sala de enfoque.

Delta Galil asked drivers of simple buttons for the meeting rooms. AVCS integrated a box Cable Cubby 700 of Extron, retraction and Retractor Series/2 wire binding system and the remote control with three buttons for closure of contact CCB 30 to comply with these requirements. Power modules used in Cable Cubby box provide AC power to personal devices, and the Retractor system with HDMI, VGA cables and audio modules supports connectivity AV. The CCB 30 panel three buttons are configured to turn on / turn off the AV system and allowing the selection between live sources.

Extron in Delta Galil

Room reservation system

Montada en la pared, fuera de cada espacio de reuniones, hay una pantalla táctil TouchLink Pro TLP Pro 520M de Extron. El panel con pantalla táctil capacitiva de 5 pulgadas se configura utilizando el software Room Agent, que la transforma en un dispositivo independiente y multifunción de reserva de salas. No es necesario un servidor intermedio, ya que se comunica directamente con el servidor Microsoft Exchange de Delta Galil.

La interfaz de la pantalla táctil, personalizada con el nombre y logo de Delta Galil, tiene un listado con el nombre de la sala, su disponibilidad actual, fecha y hora y una línea de tiempo que muestra los bloques reservados y libres del resto del día. También se puede reservar una sala al planificar una reunión a través de Outlook. Con la reserva de salas de Extron, toda la comunicación entre el software Room Agent, el servidor Exchange y la pantalla táctil está encriptada.

El presentador, o el primero en llegar, pulsa el botón de registro de la pantalla táctil, confirmando la reunión planificada. Las luminosas barras Led a los lados de la pantalla táctil, con luz verde o roja, indican la disponibilidad de la sala, incluso cuando se abandone la sala. Tanto si la reunión empieza a tiempo o se ha retrasado, pulsando el botón de registro los Led cambian a rojo y se mantiene el estado de reserva de la sala. Cuando el tiempo planificado para la reunión termina, los Led cambian a verde, indicando que la sala está disponible.

Control y supervisión del sistema AV

Delta Galil required a software tool that your it Department could use to manage all the AV resources from a central location. AVCS chose the GeV of Extron, an application based on server that facilitates the functions of planning, supervision, operation and attention to enterprise-scale customer.

The GeV allows Delta Galil staff manage and remotely control each AV resource building. The software makes more effective and simplifies many common tasks AV and allows users access to usage data, create reports, and control devices from any computer on the network.
Los técnicos pueden apagar remotamente los dispositivos de visualización y otros dispositivos de las instalaciones o planificar horas específicas para que se apaguen.

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