This portable Marantz two-channel audio interface allows to connect microphones and audio line level sources to DSLR cameras and recorders of field.

Marantz Professional PMD - 602A Gaplasa

PMD-602A is the audio interface developed by Marantz Professional, manufacturer of recording and playback solutions, offering to the audiovisual market a device small and easy to use for the connection of microphone and line level audio sources to DSLR cameras and recorders available in the Spanish market through field the network of authorized distributors of Gaps.

Among other professional features, PMD-602A includes two combo inputs XLR/Jack (MIC or Line), with selection of phantom power of 12 or 48V for use with condenser microphones, selector of sensitivity of mic/line input with gain control, a stereo input in minijack and limiter, and power to (four AA) batteries.

Marantz Professional PMD - 602A Gaplasa

The line master output makes it possible your connection to any camera or recorder, while it offers the possibility to monitor the signal via the headphone output. PMD-602A also has a fixture to fit cameras as well as a hole at its base to install it on tripod.

For Paul Jenkins, vp. Marantz Professional "PMD-602A audio interface is one of those small and simple devices that make the work easier and more satisfying. It provides connectivity to external equipment to DSLR cameras and recorders of field that users demand in a compact and simple format and microphones."

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By • 24 Apr, 2018
• Section: accessories, Audio