Its lobby is installed a screen NanoLumens Nixel Series of 19.6 meters wide, a 10-to-1 aspect ratio and a pixel pitch of 2,5 mm. A visual support involving customers in spectacular landscapes in the area.

NanoLumens at Seneca Niagara Casino Resort

The casinos strive to create environments that promote entertainment and leisure. When Seneca Niagara Casino & Resort New York renewed its lobby, they realized that they had the opportunity to surprise your guests with a large screen showing a dynamic and attractive content.

After considering various options, in the end opted for create a Led display curve Nixel Series of NanoLumens. For Mike Epstein, director of the technology consulting firm D3company charged with overseeing the project, Nixel Series was the best choice for the location and content needed casino.

A wall-mounted curved, back of the reception desk, the captive display of 19.6 meters wide by 1.86 metres tall and a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm visitors with high definition pictures and videos showing the culture and the scenery of the Niagara falls local native.

"The curved wall behind the reception desk was already there for you when looking for a screen knew that it had to be a custom solution. The use of a standard projection system or a wall of LCD monitors did not provide the same experience or versatility offered by NanoLumens monitors. "With these we were able to maximize the size of the digital canvas since this firm can manufacture with the size and curvature to be, at the time that provides brightness and color accuracy required for this so illuminated by the Sun Hall", says Epstein.

This solution has managed to create a large and seamless canvas to present spectacular landscapes and panoramic and digitally-generated images.

NanoLumens at Seneca Niagara Casino Resort

Jeff Wyatt, owner of the Studio's content Dreamlab Headquartered in Las Vegas, he was commissioned to produce a series of pieces of content of local inspiration, including a scene that places viewers at the base of Niagara Falls, and another that shows a lush forest and an Eagle flying through a pants of almost 20 meters wide and it takes almost 10 seconds to do so.

"Working with a screen allows so large and comprehensive I produce unique content that captures the attention of viewers and has a high impact movements and almost real-world scenarios. NanoLumens screen itself is ideal for this type of space, since it has an excellent off-axis viewing. This ensures that each pixel is clear and bright, no distortion, no matter where the viewer you are. Whether there are digital forms that flow or an Eagle that slips quietly by the entire field of vision, experience is unforgettable,"says Wyatt.

The aspect ratio of the screen is almost 10 to 1 and uses 2.5 mm pixel pitch of NanoLumens technology to deliver 8K crisp, clear resolution from any distance. It also provides a great shine, 1,650 nits, to Eclipse the sunlight coming through a wall of large windows.

The screen is embedded in the curved wall, which makes the design with front-access series Nixel a feature essential to simplify and streamline maintenance.

Bill Riley, director Regional of Sensory Technologies, company responsible for installing, pointed out that the cooperation of several partners is crucial to the success of a technology installation as that taken at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino.

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By • 31 May, 2019
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