The company will explain the advances of its patented Microphone Mist technology to give full coverage to a space with thousands of virtual microphones and its HDL300 systems.

The company's participation in collaborative solutions Nureva in ISE 2020, February 11-14 Ámsterdam RAI (in Ward 11 – Stand D160) will be marked by explaining and demonstrating, in the Unified Communications Space, how its enterprise audio conferencing systems solve common and persistent problems with optimal audio quality, with models HDL300 as benchmarks.

Thanks to patented Microphone Mist technology, Nureva systems are currently the only audio conferencing products on the market with the ability to fill a space with thousands of virtual microphones to provide full room pickup.

This allows meeting participants to be heard throughout the room, regardless of their location, the direction in which they are or the presence of unwanted sounds (heating fans, air conditioning, keystrokes, keyboard, etc.).

Another element that will mark Nureva's participation in this contest will be to contact new distributors and resellers to expand their channel and accelerate the adoption of their audio conferencing systems in the global market.

In this sense, this manufacturer has experienced rapid and continuous growth in its customer base over the past year, including the addition of Google, Intel, MIT, VMWare, Allstate Insurance and Deloitte.

As the company points out, "customer recommendations continue to guide the expansion of our audio platform, which aims to provide IT professionals with consistent and trouble-free audio performance in all their spaces, with the development of systems that are easy to install and maintain and flexible enough to grow with the changing needs of the organization."

This approach also includes integration and grouping with complementary products and platforms and the expansion of the patent portfolio that support Microphone Mist technology.

The company will demonstrate its audio conferencing systems on multiple platforms. "ISE remains an important event for the company and we are thrilled to offer attendees a first glimpse of the latest additions to our growing line of audio conferencing products," said its CEO, Nancy Knowlton.

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By • 27 Nov, 2019
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