This system facilitates two-way and dynamic communication in real time from anywhere, with high image quality, collaboration and connectivity features.


In recent years there has been a rapid evolution of educational techniques towards an interactive and collaborative teaching model, in which technology takes on a very important role in the classroom. In fact, the European Union has launched three major initiatives focused on interactive learning: ET2020, IETC and Erasmusplus.

The use of new technologies and digital transformation in the educational field has driven important changes in the teaching-learning process by teachers and students, with special prominence of the interactive screen.

The new tactile interactive display of Lg offers this sector a great quality of image and resolution, along with collaborative communication between students and teachers, with voting and examination systems (up to thirty people simultaneously), real-time content distribution and editing, Etc.

Participants can share their screens and content, as well as interacting through a local network through the ScreenShare Pro or IDB Duo App. The screen has twenty touch points, ten writing and two styluses with different color and stroke.

According to the latest annual report The Networked Society, carried out by the National Observatory of Telecommunications and the Information Society (Ontsi), the 85% of the Spanish classrooms of regulated education is equipped with, at least, an interactive digital display.

the 83% of the teachers of the sample points out that their students show a greater interest and motivation with this type of technology in the classrooms; data that highlight the importance of the digital transformation of classrooms and that it is possible to take advantage of technological evolution in a sector as traditional as education.


More collaborative meetings

LG Business Solutions shows how these interactive displays can, In addition, facilitate real-time collaboration for corporate environments and meeting rooms, as more and more work is being done with partners in different countries, with flexible schedules and it is common for participants in a meeting not to be in the same place.

It is therefore increasingly necessary to have technological solutions that offer a high-quality image and a rapid reaction.. LG interactive displays can be integrated with video collaboration systems to facilitate this type of meeting.

The most advanced series of these digital screens features In-Cell touch technology, the same one that makes the smartphones are lightweight and responsive. Unlike traditional touch technology, which has an air space between the glass and the sensor, In-Cell eliminates such space to provide a better user experience.

This is reinforced with the use of the Active Pen, since the user's handwriting plays perfectly on the screen and pressure sensitivity even modulates the thickness of a pencil stroke, and is even able to detect the stroke with your hand, no need to use the stylus.


In any meeting is paramount the ease of use of the screens, that's why LG's interface is very intuitive, so meetings start with a couple of taps on the screen.

The option to share files and screen from the control panel is very easy: users can send the files to smartphones and computers, send emails between participants or save documents to USB directly from the screen. In addition, is compatible with most devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and with different operating systems (Windows, mac, ios, Android).

These professional lg screens have three years warranty (expandable to five), and in case of failure ensures an immediate repair since LG Business Solutions has more than seventy customer service points distributed throughout Spain

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