iGotcha and LG at Moose Knuckles

iGotcha Media created for the Moose Knuckles in Vancouver a digital signage experience using the solution Lg Transparent Led Film, with a pitch of 14 Mm.

As part of a major expansion of retail stores, Canadian clothing brand Moose Knuckles has been associated with iGotcha Media to deliver a stunning digital signage experience in its flagship stores.

Known for its rebellious design and luxury products, wanted to offer something really unique that would give you talk. That's why, who decided to create a showcase experience using the solution LG Transparent Led Film with a pitch of 14 Mm.

iGotcha and LG at Moose Knuckles

iGotcha Media established a digital experience strategy and designed, deployed and installed this showcase experience. It provides full transparency in the store with content that comes to life, combining photographs, fashion videos and custom graphic animations that have been created specifically for this medium.

The Moose Knuckles store in Vancouver, at the CF Pacific Centre, it's a space of 786 square meters and, that according to iGotcha Media, has the first Transparent Led Film deployment of 14 LG's mm in Canada.

In the opposite storefront is a vertical 4K Led display 98 Inch. Content syncs between the two screens to create an expanded canvas that impacts passers-by and causes them to stop as they pass in front of the store. Contents display branded messages, lifestyle videos and moving graphics animations.

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by • 7 May, 2021
• section: Case studies, outstanding, Digital signage, display, Dynamic advertising