Extron XPA U 3502

In its commitment to innovation and offering more high-performance channels in less space, Extron has launched the XPA U half-wide rack amplifier 3502.

Extron has presented the new XPA U 3502, an Energy Star-approved high-performance audio power amplifier, which offers two channels of 350 W a 8 Ω or 4 Ω in a 1U housing, half-wide rack.

It's convection-cooled, classified plenum UL 2043 and includes accessories for rack mount configurations. The XPA U 3502 allows you to install high-power amplification without using rack space for ventilation, retaining valuable space.

It features an advanced and highly efficient Class D amplifier design with power factor correction, very low insertion current, standby mode (standby) unlockable automatic with fast activation and patented CDRS technology – deletion of curly in Class D - from Extron.

"This power in a half-width rack amplifier is unprecedented", explains Rainer Stiehl, Vice President of Marketing at Extron Europe. "When used with one of our half-rack DSP units, like DMP 64 bonus, can provide an audio switching system, DSP and very competent amplification in a single rack space".

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by • 25 May, 2021
• section: audio, Signal distribution