Christie FHD554 Ultra Series

With a size of 55″, the new LCD screen Christie FHD554-X is part of its Ultra Series, designed to configure videowalls in high performance mosaic.

the Ultra Series of screens LCD for videowalls of Christie extends with the model FHD554-X, a system of 55″ reliable and economical that puts performance as a priority, designed for installation in a wide variety of spaces, ranging from state and military control centers to complex viewing environments, such as oil or gas extraction, For example.

One of the visual advantages of Christie's Ultra Series and, therefore, of this screen (which will be available on the market in the third quarter of 2021), is your ultra-narrow bezel, a fundamental element for the configuration of large videowalls.

With its combined bezel of 3,5 Mm, which ensures a viewing practically free of divisions, and its ultra-thin profile, FHD554-X display gives top priority to content.

Its connectivity contributes to this, for which it has inputs HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2, supported by HDCP 2.2 to facilitate 4K content in streaming, and UHD signals with 4K resolution at 60Hz to send content up to twenty-five panels of the videowall with less flicker, reducing eye strain in complex viewing environments, and a slot Paho.

All these elements contribute to significantly simplify the installation of screens in videowall configuration, by allowing direct integration of PCs and media players into the system.

Another highlight of Christie FHD554-X, primarily for installation in U.S. government and high-security environments, is that it meets standards ‘non-RF‘ and ‘Taa‘.

"Those users who want a commercial grade screen that offers them value and high performance have in FHD554-X what they are looking for-explains John Dixon, senior product manager at Christie-. All panels are delivered calibrated and homogenized from the factory to ensure a uniform image throughout the videowall, to which is added the guarantee, the service and technical support of the company".

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by • 15 Jun, 2021
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