LG at NYC Health Hospitals Queens

In the NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens an interactive platform has been installed that has a network composed of 250 Lg Smart TV, integrados para comunicarse a través de la infraestructura de cable coaxial existente en el centro, and running the TigrPX software, designed and implemented by TeleHealth Services.

When patients are hospitalized their only entertainment is the TV with its limited variety of channels and programming. To change this monotonous system, at the end of last year, the NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens began offering a personalized welcome message and easy, interactive access to information and services on patient TVs at its Jamaican facility (New York). To do this, used the LG Smart TV.

Cuando llegué a NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens y recorrí las instalaciones, una de las primeras cosas que me llamó la atención fueron los LG Smart TV que estaban a disposición de todos los pacientes”, says the general director of the hospital, Neil J. Moore. “Un sistema tan sofisticado como este indica a la gente que viene que somos un hospital con tecnología punta que busca mejorar la experiencia del paciente. El hecho de que podamos personalizarlo para obtener exactamente la información que queremos compartir es increíble”.

LG at NYC Health Hospitals Queens

When NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens got off the roll, it would take a low-definition analog satellite television signal and distribute it to outdated CRT TVs in patients' rooms.. Today, it has a network of some 250 LG HD SMART TV, integrated to communicate through the existing coaxial cable infrastructure in the center and running the software TigrPX, designed and implemented by the provider of television solutions for the healthcare sector TeleHealth Services.

Ahora es gratificante pasar por la habitación de un paciente, ver el contenido en alta definición y darse cuenta que es una experiencia realmente atractiva para ellos”, explains Greg Mahabee, director of special projects, Department of External Affairs. “Sabíamos que si podíamos crear una plataforma de calidad que fuera fácil de usar. Y lo que funciona aquí en Queens puede acabar utilizándose en todo nuestro sistema hospitalario”.

NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens solution has been built around the latest TVs pro:Centric of 32 Inch (32LT662M), designed to work with most pillow speakers, including models Curbell Medical of the hospital provided by TeleHealth Services. They are using TeleHealth's TigrPX system using LG's integrated webOS software.

LG at NYC Health Hospitals Queens

El televisor de la habitación del hospital suele ser el punto central de la experiencia del paciente”, clarifies Tom Mottlau, Director of Health and Emerging Markets at LG Business Solutions USA. “Los televisores de hospital de LG, combined with software from our trusted solution providers, including TeleHealth Services, create a truly interactive entertainment portal, información y educación

NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens adopted flat-panel HDTV equipment 32 Inch; while the TeleHealth Services team integrated radio frequency distribution technology into all TVs so that they could receive not only the entertainment channels of the new header of Spectrum TV, but also the educational and informative digital contents that are transmitted through TigrPX by the hospital network.

Recomendamos los televisores LG porque están diseñados especialmente para la atención sanitaria y son idóneos para ejecutar nuestra plataforma interactiva sin necesidad de dispositivos multimedia adicionales”, explains Demetrious (Jim) Stratos, director of telehealth outcomes overseeing the implementation of NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens. “Nuestro sistema funciona en la red de datos del hospital y luego salta, so to speak, and makes that last stretch to the tvs in the rooms via coaxial cable. Like this, we didn't have to lay wires or open roofs and were able to install the system safely, sin interrumpir la atención a los pacientes”.

LG at NYC Health Hospitals Queens

New pillow speakers allow patients to operate LG's hospital TVs and TigrPX system. TeleHealth Services programmed an intuitive, tiled home screen that gives users access to TV content, to hospital information (as pharmacy schedules, locations and other data), to a set of programmable preferences and a patient education catalog.

The TigrPX system interacts with the ADT system (admission, registration and transfer) of the hospital to identify who is in each room, and communicates with nurses' computers so staff can assign the appropriate content to each patient.

When the system was launched at the end of last year, TeleHealth had created a library of some 250 educational videos in English and Spanish, as well as with subtitles. today, the content library has been duplicated.

LG at NYC Health Hospitals Queens

El sistema es flexible y nos permite producir nuestros propios vídeos”, clarifies Marzya Sdrewski, associate executive director of operations, NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens. The hospital's content library already includes important patient information about COVID-19. “before, there was a lot of information to give to patients just as they were leaving the hospital.. now, with the new interactive television system, we have the opportunity to start educating them much earlier. We can schedule videos based on your forecast, including content that helps reinforce the prescribed treatment or medications they should take".

Nurses have adopted LG's hospital TVs and tigrPX system because the solution helps them deliver personalized care to more patients.

Looking to the future, NYC Health+Hospitals/Queens is planning further improvements with its LG-based TigrPX solution. Plans are under way to integrate it with the hospital's electronic health record system, allow patients to request services through interactive TVs and expand the educational library to include videos in more languages. The hospital also plans to install LG TVs in more healthcare spaces, such as the outpatient surgery unit or cancer center.

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