Panasonic ET-D3QW200

Designed to respond to the demand for indoor entertainment, short-distance optics Panasonic ET-D3QW200 eliminates separation between viewers and content, achieving a native 4K resolution of great realism.

Panasonic has presented the short distance optics with zoom for its projector 3 DLP chips PT-RQ50K of 50.000 Lumens ET-D3QW200. This responds to the growing demand for indoor entertainment, an industry where bright, high-resolution images and compact installation are required.

Panasonic ET-D3QW200 optics eliminate the separation between viewers and content thanks to immersive playback of images with native 4K resolution on a large scale, without shadows and with short projection distances. To simplify installation and improve the appearance of images in confined spaces, this flexible optics has a motorized optical zoom and wide-ranging V/H optical shift functions, while its short projection factor and L-shaped design reduce the lace depth.

From large-scale individual projections to 360° panoramic images, projection designers will have full freedom to make their vision a reality. The low projection factor (0,55–0,65:1, 4Native K, 4.096×2.160) allows a projection distance of ones 4.370 mm for an image of 350 Inch.

Viewers can approach a few 1,8 meters of the screen without casting any shadow. Thanks to the wide range of vertical displacement of the optics (-8%, +50%[2]), installers can remove the offset from the screen and position the top and bottom of the image to match the ceiling and floor, thus covering the walls without leaving any space.

The low projection factor without screen scrolling allows for an impeccable presentation of the images and a deeper immersion in the world of projection designers.

Panasonic PT-RQ50K

Optimized installation

In addition to having a very low projection factor for an optician of the category of 50.000 Lumens, L-shaped design allows you to reduce the lace depth. This depth saving allows high-brightness images to be projected into spaces that, otherwise, would be too narrow to be able to use a projector 50.000 Lumens.

In addition, optics simplifies and speeds up the installation of the projector, since the position of the image is easily adjusted once the computer is placed in place.

With this latest novelty the entire line of UST optics is completed in all ranges of Panasonic LCD projectors, of 1 DLP chip and 3 DLP chips, ensuring full availability regard-of-the-fit and brightness of the projector.

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by • 28 Jun, 2021
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