Mushrooms Sevilla Sacyr Aurora

‘Aurora’, an artistic experience of light and sound in real time, and the immersive room ‘Feeling Sevilla’, equipped with a large curved Led screen, 360º sound, ground projection and olfactory maps are some of the components of the renewal of The Mushrooms of Seville.

the tenth anniversary of The Mushrooms of Seville, the largest wooden structure in the world, made with 3.500 cubic meters of microlaminated Finnish pine wood, and the third most visited monument in the city of Seville, is marked by an innovative technological renewal to offer new experiences to its thousands of visitors.

Mushrooms Sevilla Sacyr

Managed by Sacyr and after an investment of 14 millions of euros, The Mushrooms of the Incarnation now offer a tourist proposal, marked by technological innovation and sustainability, composed by the show of lighting and sound called aurora; the immersive room Feeling Seville, an open WiFi network throughout the venue, an App available in three languages and new website, as detailed from the Seville City Council.

With the motto Ten years in the heart of Seville, this renewal “reinforce the commitment that Sacyr Concesiones maintains with the city. In this decade, the Mushrooms have positioned themselves as a clear tourist reference", has pointed out Pedro Parrilla, manager of this space during the presentation of the project.

An idea he also stressed Antonio Muñoz, Councillor for Urban Habitat, Tourism and Culture of the City of Seville: “The Mushrooms had enormous potential and with these projects and investment of Sacyr a new attraction and a new tourist product is added for the city at a time when all destinations are reinventing ourselves to accelerate the recovery”.

Mushrooms Sevilla Sacyr Aurora

Creative and sustainable lighting

Developed by the specialist Skandal Technologies, Aurora is the new artistic experience of light and sound in real time of Las Setas. Thanks to the Poet software of this company “allows lighting designers to make a canvas. Revolutionizes the design and management of lighting and real-time response media for architecture”, as they point out.

Among other novelties, the configuration of this light show is different every day, just like when walking on the catwalks, the viewpoint or below the structure. Under the commitment of the sustainability that has always had this space, the existing infrastructure has been reused, providing technological innovation at the service of light creativity.

Mushrooms Sevilla Sacyr MR Factory

Like this, have been established fourteen light patterns, of which twelve are for commemorative dates, that the Poet software allows you to control individually, since each luminaire incorporates a data cable with the color signal and the power of the lighting (with more than 60 data lines and 85 Circuits), allowing you to send different patterns to individual luminaires or specific areas.

In addition, the system incorporates elements such as the occupation and the movement of visitors at all times, climatology, the seasons and special dates of the year that are integrated as a creative part of the lighting.

Another aspect in favor of the sustainability of the space is that the configuration of the system is designed to keep on an average lower than the 30% of the total of the luminaires at all times, balancing the areas with light and the off ones to generate the sensation of movement and immersion, and with controlled dissipation to reduce light pollution.

Mushrooms Sevilla Sacyr MR Factory

Feeling Seville

With an area of more than 200m2 and located at 21 meters high, the new immersive room Feeling Seville de Las Setas is equipped with bleachers with capacity for 96 people, who can enjoy the audiovisual content created by TVT and the producer MR Factory.

This content is displayed on a large curved Led screen (of 21×3 M), of 1,9 pixel pitch mm to provide an image quality of 16 millions of pixels, which is completed with a system of senvelope wavy, projection on ground, Led lighting on ceiling and olfactory maps thanks to a smell diffuser to create a unique and complete experience.

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