Samsung The Wall2021 R5

Available now worldwide, the model 2021 of the modular Led screen The Wall of Samsung, incorporates artificial intelligence processing, improved speed of 120 Hz and a more flexible and versatile installation.

The Wall 2021 (IWA) of Samsung, available globally, is the new model of this modular Led screen with which the manufacturer “reimagines once again the technology of visualization to offer companies unlimited flexibility to display their content”.

As main novelties, The Wall 2021 incorporates the new artificial intelligence processing technology, an improved frame rate of 120 Hz and greater versatility in installation options.

“We create the most innovative displays for those who are at the forefront of video creation and brand experienceexplained Hyesung Ha, Vp. senior visual display business at Samsung Electronics-. The Wall 2021 is the most immersive and versatile screen we have designed so far, where we offer companies full control to create dream environments".

Samsung The Wall2021 R5

A new processor Micro AI Instantly analyzes and enhances each frame of video to provide the best possible image quality displayed on the screen.

With up to sixteen neural network models different -each of them designed with technology of AI scaling and deep learning-, The Micro AI processor can optimize image quality up to a resolution of 8K, improving contrast and eliminating noise.

Technology Black Seal by The Wall gives the screen an optimal uniformity, which forms a seamless canvas with purer black levels and improved depth, offering high contrast and more precise details.

With a maximum brightness of 1.600 Nits, The Wall 2021 provides clear images that stand out even in bright environments. Technology Ultra Chroma produces narrower wavelengths that create RGB colors twice as pure and accurate as conventional Leds.

now, each Led is up to a 40% smaller, increasing pure black space between pixels to improve color uniformity and increase image contrast.

Samsung The Wall2021 R5

Easy and flexible installation

This year's model is easier to install thanks to new wireless docking connections and a frameless design, which makes the depth of the body half that before.

Thanks to the modular technology, The Wall 2021 can be installed in various positions and shapes (concave, convex, on the roof, Hung, tilted and in L). In addition, users only have to adjust each part once with the so-called Factory Fit, which eliminates having to do it module by module and saves time.

The Wall 2021 offers your 'image’ more detailed to date, with the first 8K resolution in the sector, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 8K Simple Playback.

It can be configured horizontally for a resolution of up to 16K, with a provision of 15.360×2.160 Pixels. Its huge screen measures more than 1.000 Inch, which creates a huge canvas to display the content.

Samsung The Wall2021 R5

This new model incorporates the new functions Micro HDR and Micro Motion, and has a processing of 20 bits to deliver consistent and adequate image quality in all commercial environments, with a seamless viewing experience regardless of location.

The image-by-picture screen (PBP) allows four different content sources, that can be displayed simultaneously in 4K resolution. It is also possible to use the 4-PBP for commercial purposes where multiple displays are needed.

All features of The Wall 2021 are offered with security in mind, with certification Eye Comfort of TÜV Rheinland to minimize blue light emission, while your certification EMC Class B reduces electromagnetic waves for safe installation in any space.

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