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Amplification systems Powersoft Quattrocanali 8804 DSP empowers the teams of Martin Audio in the Antwerp Olympic Stadium (Belgium), installed by Face Projects.

Built in 1920 as the main venue for that year's Summer Olympics, the Antwerp Olympic Stadium remains today one of the symbols of Belgium and home of the local football team, K.Beerschot VA.

Those responsible for this installation have now renewed the sound system, now obsolete, with the help of Belgian audio specialists PFL and Face Projects, with the aim of “improve intelligibility and reproduce high-quality ambient sound”, Explains Steven Kemland, responsible for the latter company, that has made the technical design of the system.

Antwerp Stadium Face Projects PowersoftThe solution is based on the technology of the Italian manufacturer Powersoft, with the installation of three systems Quattrocanali 8804 Dsp in Dante network, that enhance the twenty-five teams CDD15-WE and seventeen of the model CDD10WR of Martin Audior.

The entire system is controlled by an array Dynacord, composed of an MXE5 mixing engine and a pair of TPC-1 touchpad controllers, as well as speaker cables Van Damme LSZH.

“With Quattrocanali 8804 we have a lot of power, Integrated DSP and Dante, all in compact format -underlines Kemland-, not just in terms of drive size, but also to the necessary current and cooling".

The system is also used for security support in public address and crowd control applications, thanks to its zoning capabilities through pre-programmed TPC-1 touchscreens, that communicate with the processor Dynacord MXE5 Matrix.

To adjust the entire system the proprietary software was used HarmonyPlus from Powersoft, “with which you have all the parameters you need. In this project it was strange to replace a full rack of 42 units, full of amplifiers from over twenty years ago, with only three units and still have the twelve zones in the stadium with a total power of 20.000 W”, points out Kemland.

To ensure that the team was prepared for special events, an external connection port has been installed, with a radial engineering interface close to the field to connect analog signals to the Dante network and use the main sound system seamlessly.

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by • 24 Aug, 2021
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