AIB Smithsonian Futures LG Display

Located in the museum complex of Washington D.C, one of the largest in the world, the Smithsonian Museum of Arts and Industries (AIB) hosts the exhibition ‘Futures’, in which oled screens of LG Display, including a transparent team, star in one of its sections.

The exhibition Futures is shown in the reopened Museum of Arts and Industries (AIB) of the complex Smithsonian, also known as Palace of Wonders and how Mother of Museums, is taking advantage of the creative possibilities of the OLED displays of LG Display, including an innovative installation Transparent OLED, to show some important technological discoveries.

AIB Smithsonian Futures LG Displayspecifically, this exhibition aims to focus on a hopeful future through four concepts and sections: Futures that unite, Futures that inspire, Futures that work and Past futures. It is in the first of these sections of the exhibition that the works show how people relate, all supported by OLED display technology.

To do this, a screen has been installed 55 transparent OLED″ which fulfils this function as part of the art installation made by the Dutch designers' collective Circus Family and sponsored by the Embassy of the State of Qatar, with the title of Hi, How R U?

AIB Smithsonian Futures LG DisplayIt asks visitors to participate in a new form of futuristic communication.: can leave a hollocation as a kind of time capsule. In addition, soon they will be able to interact in real time with a paired portal located in Doha (Taste).

Other OLED screens of LG Display, in this case with a size of 83″, are used to showcase the documentary series Futures We Dream, a project consisting of eight new short films, produced by award-winning independent filmmakers, on the resistance of ordinary people facing social issues in the United States, such as health care-related problems, the environment and indigenous rights.

AIB Smithsonian Futures LG DisplayIn addition, along with a unique collection of museum innovations, visitors are greeted with delicate images about the value of life on Earth, displayed on two 48 OLED displays″.

The display quality and detail of the images stereoscopic 3D of corals is faithfully presented thanks to the self-emitting pixels of the OLED, able to capture even the sharpest contrast between the real black and the color of nature.

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by • 15 Dec, 2021
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