The integration of Microsoft Teams Rooms, together with Analytic Tiles from Utelogy, offers a deeper level of AV/UC status knowledge to help make data-driven decisions, improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Utelogy with MS Teams RoomsThe U-Computer platform of Utelogy has been integrated with devices Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) Windows-based to improve monitoring, management and control.

Microsoft Teams is a video collaboration platform, and organizations are increasingly deploying its MTR version to support hybrid work environments and manage collaborations between remote and on-site employees..

"Online collaboration and video conferencing are permanent realities in the workplace and organizations are looking for new ways to make their employees' online experience as seamless and productive as possible.", Explains Frank Pellkofer, President of Utelogy. "The Utelogy platform addresses many of the issues that MTR users may face., including authentication and login or device connection errors. MTR integration, along with Analytic Tiles by Utelogy, offers customers a deeper level of knowledge of their AV/UC status to help make data-driven decisions and improve productivity and increase efficiency”.

Utelogy U-ComputerAlong with hardware support, Utelogy brand that distributes Avit Vision, supports microsoft teams uc codec and its platform monitors the health of mtr peripherals, connections, calls in progress, presence and much more. Operations teams can collect detailed analyses on MTR-equipped rooms directly from the Utelogy platform, which helps improve system uptime and enables staff to make data-driven decisions.

To ensure smooth online experiences, Utelogy has expanded its management and monitoring capabilities to provide robust, real-time data from Windows-based MTR devices
This integration offers a variety of benefits, including reduced operating costs, automated room-ready testing and increased proactive service management. Organizations can easily troubleshoot and resolve device errors, receive instant alert notifications about device or system status, and, ultimately, create better user experiences.

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by • 28 Dec, 2021
• section: AV Conferencing, control, business, Telepresence / videoconference