LG Business Solutions and Densitron

The Smart Display System (Ids) of Densitron and the displays connected by IP of LG Business Solutions will now be integrated “to offer a perfect visualization in professional installations”.

The collaboration between LG Business Solutions, developer of image and sound solutions for the business sector, and Densitron, specialized in visual and interaction technologies Human Machine (HMI), increases the different installation options of visual transmission equipment, adapting each solution to the needs of customers.

Display solutions premium lg support a wide variety of IP communication protocols, which makes them an indicated option in professional installations that integrate the platform Densitron IDS.

As he explains Reuben Such, Global Business Director, Densitron IDS, "Since we had the first contact with LG we knew that this alliance was evident to strengthen our AV content streaming solutions.. They had been researching how screens could be controlled and offer some form of stable control solution., based on the user interface, through its integrators and channel partners in multimedia environments. and, Of course, that's exactly what we provide with our IDS technology.".

While the initial focus of this collaboration will be on simpler control room applications, Such also sees potential for IDS to integrate with other LG products geared towards recording studios..

"They have a wide range of digital signage products that they already use in studios," he says., as well as a range of displays spanning numerous models of different sizes. But for the time being, the emphasis will be on promoting IDS integration with LG IP displays.".

To this end, both companies plan to give visibility to this collaboration in a series of events that LG will organize this year. Joao Moreira, enterprise business development manager of the company, points out that "through various meetings that we will organize in our exhibition halls, we will welcome system integrators, consultants and end users to show them this new complete configuration of integrated screens and explain in detail everything that this collaboration entails".

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by • 29 sea, 2022
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