LG at NAB Washington Headquarters

The solutions of Lg, headed by curved Led signage systems and transparent OLED videowall, offer an innovative and avant-garde image to the new building of the National Broadcasting Association (NAB).

When the National Broadcasting Association (NAB) decided to build its new headquarters on a busy corner of Washington's South Capitol Street., took the opportunity to implement a digital signage infrastructure that will support its mission of promotion, education and innovation. To this end it has installed more than 200 screens of LG Business Solutions in almost all spaces, including a curved videowall of 6×6 meters and a pixel pitch of 2 Mm. This is located in the lobby on the first floor, visible from the street.

According to Michael Tow, Vice President of the NAB, the new location of the headquarters, in the heart of the new business and entertainment area anchored by Nationals Park, provides greater visibility of the broadcasting industry.

LG at NAB Washington Headquarters

LG Business Solutions, together with the supplier Diversified and the audiovisual consultancy Miller, Beam and Paganelli, helped NAB create a headquarters that, according to Tow, “es realmente sorprende”.

Como entidad que promueve la industria de la radiodifusión ante los responsables políticos y el público, we saw the need to have a large format screen in the main lobby that would act as a reference point for the community., to say 'these are the broadcasters'. With so much car and pedestrian traffic passing by, vimos que un gran pare videowall de señalización Led curvo era una ponderosa herramienta de visualización”, adds Tow

LG at NAB Washington Headquarters

Transparent OLED videowall

likewise, when leaving the elevator and entering the lobby on the tenth floor there is also another videowall arranged Transparent OLED, that allows you to view, through video messages and television content. the views of the city. In 2 format×3, this is designed with six transparent OLED panels of 55 inches for a total screen size of 144 diagonal inches.

It has the ability to display live TV programming and NAB messages as a single large image or as six separate screens running different content simultaneously..

LG at NAB Washington Headquarters

Flanking this videowall there are arranged screens LG Ultra-Stretch of 86 Inch, vertically mounted. This makes an excellent canvas for meeting information., company updates and other internal communications. According to the technological integrators of the project, it is a spectacular technological solution.

El videowall OLED transparente es el tipo de tecnología al que se refiere la frase show-stopper“, Explains Michael Burnstein, Vice President of Diversified. “Tenemos una larga relación con NAB, as well as with LG, y tras probar los últimos lanzamientos de la compañía y aprender sobre detalles específicos como la densidad de píxeles y el pixel pitch sabíamos que podría proporcionar los tipos de experiencias digitales llamativas que imaginamos para que la nueva sede marcara la diferencia”.

LG at NAB Washington Headquarters

4K UHD displays

The National Broadcasting Association occupies six plants in total, and from five to nine, visitors and employees are greeted by a 4K UHD display of 65 inches showing the corporation's messages when they exit the elevator.

Almost all spaces and rooms contain digital screens, Including 10 executive offices and 12 equipment rooms each house an LCD screen of 43 Inch, and that of the CEO that includes the same 4K UHD model of 65 Inch.

Five conference rooms have 4K UHD screens of 65 Inch, the Gordon H Conference Center. Smith (named after Senator Smith, former President and CEO of NAB) features a 4K UHD display of 86 Inch, and the boardroom on the fifth floor has installed a 4K Led equipment 98 Inch.

LG at NAB Washington Headquarters

In addition to video walls Led Signage and transparent OLEDs, that of the Hall of Fame on the tenth floor, integrated by five 4K UHD Led screens of ultra narrow bezel of 55 inches arranged in a 5 configuration×1, showcases highlights of the colorful history of broadcasting. The multipurpose room is also located on the tenth floor and here is another with a UHD screen without bezels and with a pixel pitch of 1,8 mm measuring 1.2×1,2 metre.

In the NAB fitness center, two LCD screens have been installed 55 Inch, and the cafeteria on the ninth floor has nine UHD Led monitors of the same size.

The IT Counterintelligence Center has three LCD screens of 49 Inch. In two Project Rooms and in the Conventions Open Team Room, NAB opted to install interactive whiteboards from 65 LG inches, that allow workers to save and share meeting information, present multiple images or information, in addition to allowing editing and even offers collaboration options with webOS 3.0 that do not require a PC.

Another videowall is located in the Technology Showcase of the fifth floor and uses four monitors of 55 Inch, with a bezel of 0,44 mm to create a configuration of 2×2.

LG at NAB Washington Headquarters

Curved monitors

Although all these screens offer functions for messaging applications, meetings and collaboration, most workers still spend most of their time at desks, of which 150 are equipped with curved and ultra-wide LG monitors 34 inches that eliminate the need for two screens and simplify installation and wiring.

With all the state-of-the-art screens found in the new headquarters, NAB and LG also plan to use the space as a showcase for businesses in the Washington metropolitan area looking for new technologies..

“From the architectural point of view, we wanted to merge the interior technology with the great views of the Capitol, así como crear una visibilidad pública desde el exterior del edificio”, Says John Paganelli, Miller Director, Beam and Paganelli. “Una vez que vimos y experimentamos la tecnología OLED transparente de LG, we knew it would be an excellent exhibition piece and help achieve the futuristic digital aesthetic that was sought.".

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