SPC Yealink SmartVision 60

The SmartVision 360° All-in-One Camera 60, the MeetingBar A10 audio and video bar and the DeskVision A24 desktop monitor are the latest Yealink solutions it has unveiled SPC for Business.

SPC Yealink SmartVision 60The Spanish firm spc, through its range of unified communications solutions and corporate collaboration SPC For Business, has presented Yealink SmartVision 60, A 360° audio and video device designed for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, compatible with Microsoft Teams.

This announcement was made at the Integrated Systems Europe 2023 Next to the audio and video bar with advanced features for conference rooms Meeting Bar A10, as well as the all-in-one monitor Yealink DeskVision A24, Ideal for communicating remotely.

Designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, the SmartVision panoramic camera 60 of Yealink, Sleek and compact looking, it brings together everything you need in a single device.

It is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams and integrates a panoramic camera of 360 degrees that deliver Ultra HD 10K resolution. likewise, It incorporates two sets of multifunctional microphones and a state-of-the-art speaker system that work to deliver a fully immersive experience, Inclusive and immersive for hybrid meeting participants.

blankThe device offers coverage of 360 degrees from the center-of-the-table perspective for images captured with its Ultra HD 10K resolution camera, so that no one is hidden from view.

Thanks to its Multi-Stream People Feed feature, Create individual video feeds of active participants and stitch them together to show a real-time frontal panoramic view of the room. In this way, All participants appear equally in the foreground with total clarity, With this, verbal and non-verbal communication improves exponentially and conversations take place as if all attendees were present live.

The great possibilities at the image level are complemented by a sound treatment that goes along the same immersive and 360º line. Like this, thanks to the intelligent assistant for voice and transcription and its two sets of multi-function microphones, SmartVision 60 It has a sound pickup radius of up to six meters from all angles.

In addition, it supports AI features such as the Cortana voice assistant – which allows hands-free control – and automatic voice-to-text transcription in live text, with each of the participants identified by name and without the need to take notes during the meeting.

Yealink has also created a kit around this product, designed to enable more realistic conversations and collaborations and a native meeting experience in Teams.

This set of devices is encompassed under the name Yealink MVC S60 and is composed of, plus the new SmartVision all-in-one smart camera 60 of 360 Degrees, by MCore Pro Mini PC, the MTouch Plus touchpad and the WPP30 wireless presentation pod.

SPC Yealink MeetingBar A10

Yealink MeetingBar A10

For its part, The Yealink MeetingBar A10 is a 4K audio and video bar and 120 Compact design all-round vision grades that fit into both office and home spaces. It takes only a few minutes to install and features dual WiFi and Bluetooth.

likewise, Incorporates several advanced features for a better interactive experience, as automatic framing of the speakers, Full-duplex Speaker and Voice Tracking.

It also stands out for its optimal sound capture thanks to AI-enhanced noise-cancelling technology, with the added bonus of its built-in speaker and advanced microphone, of eight MEMS arrays, cover any meeting space.

Yealink MeetingBar A10 supports various video conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, plus the option of wireless BYOD via the WPP30 adapter, so that the content of the meeting is important, and not the program through which the connection is made.

Yealink DeskVision A24

SPC Yealink DeskVision A24On the other hand, ISE attendees 2023 they were also able to learn in depth about the virtues of the Yealink DeskVision A24 device, an all-in-one Teams monitor, with built-in, motorized 4K camera that incorporates a speaker and a Qi wireless charging station in its base, Very useful for charging your smartphone while working on it.

Its touchscreen allows you to annotate it, while the ability to connect multiple peripheral devices, as a USB hub, increases its capabilities and allows it to act as a UC WorkStation or as an additional monitor to the PC to increase productivity.

This high-end monitor is designed for both the personal office and the, as well as for the sharing of the display between different employees in hot desking mode, as in "Phone Room" video booths.

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