The Center for High Performance Sports (CAR) of Sant Cugat del Vallés use ICT to optimize training time and improve brands in the new module for improving the facilities in which some of the best Spanish athletes train. Technological design that will hold the sports arena implement, hand SATEC technology solutions from Cisco, NetApp and VMware to record, store and process multimedia information exercises athletes.

The High Performance Centre of Sant Cugat del Vallés (CAR) has awarded the Spanish multinational SATEC a contract-for a total amount of 703,900 euros for the supply and installation services technology infrastructure of the new multipurpose building. The aim of the new building is to expand existing facilities and create a world reference center in R & D on a sporting level. It counts with the new infrastructure of information technology that will provide residents in the CAR athletes all technical means to enable them to make the most of your training time and improve their brands.

The technical design is based on the manufacturers Cisco Systems, NetApp and VMware. Cisco Systems aportará sus equipos LAN y Wifi junto con un novedoso sistema de telefonía IP y videoconferencia HD. Esta tecnología permitirá desplegar cámaras de video de alta resolución que captarán todos los movimientos de los atletas y permitirán su procesado posterior en diferentes ámbitos: revisión del ejercicio en monitores de alta definición en la misma sala de entrenamiento o procesado de las imágenes para crear una vista 3D que permita analizar los movimientos exactos del atleta y determinar, por ejemplo, en qué punto de la mesa ha botado una pelota o si una nadador se ha desviado de su trayectoria al nadar una piscina.

NetApp will provide the storage infrastructure that will allow collecting all the information from the cameras and host the CAR corporate services that will be virtualized with VMware technology.

To live LANs and wireless networks will offer users complete mobility and can exploit the modularity of the new building. IPhone sync services such as stopwatches in the Olympic pools or control movements runners training or fighters will be possible thanks to the power of the wireless network and its unique asset tracking features.

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By • 19 Dec, 2011
• Section: Storage, Distribution signals, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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