The facade of the City of Algeciras was the scene on the night of 16 December projection of a 3D video mapping that gave life to the architectural structure of the town hall, leaving gaping all attendees. Triplesfera company has been commissioned to enliven the building with a show that will be repeated on 29 December and 4 January.

The facade of the City of Algeciras on 16 December hosted a show of video mapping, suite of 3D effects and aroused the interest and curiosity of a number of people. Thanks to technological resources, it snowed on the Town Hall and breathed its stones.

The assembly work of the company Triplesfera, simulated different lighting effects and noticed that someone was found that the light from inside the town hall. The town hall then highlighted the stones, which seemed to dance to the rhythm of music.

Suddenly appeared garlands hanging from the facade and a simulated snowfall also real effect through foam guns. The Consistory also turned on itself and greeted fireworks. All thanks to the computer and projected by the artistic director of Triplesfera, Alejandro Gallego effects. Hall printed shield assembly ended, which was repeated several times with applause.

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By • 19 Dec, 2011
• Section: Simulation

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