InfoComm 2019 has been the contest chosen by the company to present this system, which can operate in Open Sound Control (OSC) mode and send such commands to any device.

LightShark, the line of DMX-based hardware consoles Work Pro, will present during your participation in InfoComm 2019, del 8 al 14 de junio en Orlando (Florida – EE.UU.), la nueva superficie de extensión de faders LS-Wing con la que expande la cantidad de universos DMX disponible en cada producto de la línea.

Juán José Vila, CSO Equipson, Work Pro's parent company, explains that "one of the most attractive features of LS-Wing is its ability to operate in Open Sound Control (OSC) mode, which makes it the world's first OSC hardware controller."

In addition to the innovation of developing a product that can send OSC commands over Ethernet networks to any device or software controlled by the OSC protocol, Vila stresses that "it will generate great interest from professionals working in theaters, live shows, etc. that want to easily integrate their lighting control with other applications, such as music, video and multimedia servers."

further, LS-Wing can also be configured as a standalone MIDI console for any device that accepts this type of control via USB. The system features three USB ports, including one USB-B for easy connection of MIDI devices and charging smartphones and tablets, as well as two Gigabit Ethernet ports, TrueOne power connector (110/220V) and XLR for a 5V LLG-1 Led lamp.

This new fader extension surface also incorporates a stand for placing a tablet up to 13", as well as with two attachment points for smart devices using Kensington closures. To this add twenty run buttons and ten playbacks, with their respective selection, flash and scene execution.

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By • 31 May, 2019
• Section: Thoroughly, Audio, Events