The company's online marketing and advertising 2.0 Addoor commitment to a new service-oriented division video display, digital signage and Advergaming.

Addoor, An advertising network and online marketing Spanish, with more than 1,000 media in its portfolio totaling more than 14 million US, has decided framed within a new group of companies around online advertising -Group Internetize- to take advantage of synergies between all divisions and provide media agencies and advertisers best advertising opportunities.

Within the Internetize Group, as well as Addoor and their departments specialized in social media campaigns and direct response (Socializaddoor and Optimizaddoor), born two new divisions moving very dedicated exclusively to mobile marketing and geolocation, and Spotize, to offer video display , digital signage and Advergaming.

César Núñez, founder and CEO of the network, has commented: "We have been 8 years offering varied advertising solutions to all media agencies and advertisers, under the brand Addoor. The launch of new divisions will allow us to offer even more specialized and efficient advertising products. The challenge is to do this without losing the spirit of service that has placed us near the most important companies in Spain online advertising. "

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By • 29 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage

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