Coca-Cola and the London based Studio Nexus Interctive Arts have created a spectacular waterfall interactive 3D in a shopping centre in Quito (Ecuador). In it, visitors can interact with this cascade of sixteen meters in height, which is also striking for its colors and sounds, altering the fall of fluid movements.

The County Shopping in the city of Quito, in Ecuador, has been the scene chosen to install a stunning waterfall 3D that combines art and technology. Despite its name, the installation developed by Nexus Interactive Arts It contains not a single drop of water. It's a screen 16 meters tall and 4 wide, which gives the public a happy interactive experience, as its sensitivity allows you to capture the movements of people in real time.

Sponsored by Coca-Cola and conceptualized by artist Quayola, the project goes beyond the mere spectacle to propose an immersive experience, at the same time that reflects a new way to understand and interact with the audiovisual environments.

The technology developed by the team of Nexus Interactive Arts allows the generation of images 3D in time real that mimic a cascade of particles and other elements graphics. The installation is intended to symbolise the way in which new generations interact with technology, encouraging the public to participate in the experience rather than passive spectators. In addition to their sound and bright colors, this allows consumers to interact with her, since "waterfall" varies depending on the movements that make these thanks to a system of motion detection by infrared.

Besides it spectacular that is visually, the project has a component narrative that it differentiates: "to the principle, only them technical is involved in the area digital"-says Chris or ' Reilly, director creative of Nexus-"but is now when the artists and other people that understand of design and storytelling it are doing". The narrative premise is simple but powerful, is a waterfall that invites you to play with it.

An installation that shares your joy
"Waterfall" is an invitation to viewers to get involved in the audiovisual show an active and playful manner. The installation starts projecting more sober colors and sounds that are encouraging and gaining intensity as people interact with it. The system is able to distinguish certain gestures other and reacting them according to, causing both flow behavior of particles as the cascade develops as a result of user input gestures.

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By • 4 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Infrastructure, Dynamic advertising

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