The Japanese accessories Sanwa Supply has released the 400-PRJ011, a micro DLP projector that is inserted into the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and offers a range of use of 2.5 hours.

Sanwa Supply It has launched the 400-PRJ011, a micro projector compatible with both the iPhone 4 as the iPhone 4S. Has internal speakers that can also be used for the built-in iPhone, weighs 103 g, and offers a resolution of 640 × 360, up to 65 inches in size and a contrast ratio of 1,000: 1.

The projector comes with a battery of 2100mAh. This built-in battery is responsible for giving us 2.5 hours of use with our small projector and takes about 5 hours to charge fully.

Just we do not always have to use the projector, so that they have managed to add an extra function that tries to avoid engavetamiento in times of little use. The battery of which we speak can also be used to charge 100% of the iPhone battery if necessary when not using the projector.

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By • 4 Jan, 2012
• Section: Projection

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