The manufacturer of devices of storage for PC, Apple and Linux, LaCie has with two new solutions for storage of high speed with technology Thunderboklt, 2big Thunderbolt Series and eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series.

LaCie It has announced its new peripherals, which incorporate technology Thunderbolt 2012 International CES. 2big Thunderbolt Series provides speed, flexibility and capacity, while eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series allows users to connect external eSATA to your new Mac.

Erwan Girard, director of the unit of business professional of LaCie, has pointed that "LaCie is feel proud of offer the range more wide of solutions of storage with technology Thunderbolt built-in." These products are some of the fastest and most flexible on the market, storage solutions that will dramatically accelerate the most demanding digital users workflow."

2big Thunderbolt Series
With speeds up to three times more fast that FireWire 800, LaCie 2big also incorporates security RAID, discs interchangeable in hot, the comfort of it connection in chain and a housing of aluminum solid. Users who have a heavy data traffic will appreciate the capacities up to 8 TB with incredible transfer speeds of up to 311 MB/s. He performance general even will can improve if is connected in chain several 2big.

With the 2big, backups are performed in less time, allowing the user to make them more frequently. The professional of the video that work with Final Cut Pro X u other software professional can even transmit multiple flows of video HD directly from the disc. Those photographers that use Lightroom or Aperture will notice that the navigation by the library photographic is accelerates significantly.

eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series
eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series da nueva vida a las unidades eSATA existentes con la innovación y la retrocompatibilidad de Thunderbolt. Se conecta a un modelo nuevo de Mac a través del puerto Thunderbolt e incorpora dos puertos eSATA. Esto permite al usuario conectar dos discos duros externos eSATA al Hub y obtener la máxima velocidad de eSATA en su nuevo Mac. El Hub también incorpora un segundo puerto Thunderbolt que permite al usuario conectar otros periféricos Thunderbolt. Esto quiere decir que se pueden conectar hasta 12 unidades eSATA (6 Dock, 2 enlaces eSATA por Hub) a través de una única conexión al Mac con velocidades máximas eSATA de 3 GB/s.

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By • 10 Jan, 2012
• Section: Storage

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