With 18.5-inch touchscreen, this folding monitor does movement motor in horizontal and vertical, with an adjustable screen angle, from plane integrated into the surface of the table up to 80 degrees.

Arthur Holm Dynamic3Reverse

The monitor manufacturer Arthur Holm, Trademark by ALBIRAL Display Solutionsits new folding monitor Dynamic3Reverse, equipped with touchscreen 18.5 ", which offers the possibility of rotation with horizontal and vertical, as well as close motorized movements has presented looking down.

The angle of inclination of the screen can be adjusted in any position, from completely flat integrated into the surface of the table, up to 80 degrees, making a perfect view to the other participants in a meeting or hearing.

Arthur Holm Dynamic3ReverseIts motorized movement can stop at any tilt angle and store the position. When the user wants to close it, the monitor rises, tour at an angle of 180 ° and is folded with the screen down, leaving in this way, fully protected and leaving the clear table.

Dynamic3Reverse has an interactive installation display with unique characteristics of control and remote adjustment; It has HDCP DVI-I and DVI-D compatible inputs and is extremely compact. It is a monitor that is especially well suited for interactive meetings in Conference rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, lecterns and reception areas.

Made of a solid aluminum block, this system has a Crystal edged with black, with a compact and elegant design. Its back can be covered with the same finish the table in which is integrated, whether wood, leather or other materials, as well as being very quiet and easy to install.

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By • 28 Jul, 2015
• Section: Thoroughly, AV Conferencing, Display