The Municipal Center Sphere Alcobendas has after remodeling of all the elements and facilities necessary to host the shows and both municipal and numerous partnerships with technical conditions of quality activities including surround sound is included thanks to the system by Yamaha installed .

The vaulted ceiling of the sphere is a hallmark of the city of Alcobendas, north of Madrid. The center, which houses a wide variety of leisure activities live, has recently undergone a major renovation process that has included the installation of a digital audio system Yamaha / Nexus.

Half funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the project includes new dressing rooms and public cloakrooms, improved access, a renewed electrical system, a higher stage and a sound system and lighting entirely new stage.

The representations that happen almost continuously reflect local, national and international cultures, ranging from rock concerts to folk music. This variety of use was a key factor when specifying a new system, and so was the requirement that the multicore cable FOH are tended around the edge of the auditorium. Given this, Acoustic Milan, Supplier and installer of equipment, specified a Yamaha high quality system EtherSound distributed through a system Nexo speakers.

console accessible
Jacinto Lopez, Yamaha Music Europe Ibérica, explained that "Milan Acoustic already knew the PM5D, and the sound they liked, but this facility did not need a console that size. It was also very important to have a console that any sound engineer could access and use, in the shortest time possible. "

Given the great distance he had to cover the multicore cable, the best option was a digital solution. Acoustic Milan chose a EtherSound based system consisting of a mixing console Yamaha M7CL-48ES six AD8HR microphone preamps, interface NAI48-ES network and two digital / analog converters DA824.

"The audio quality was very important, but the PA system should not impede visibility. The appearance of the stage had to be clean and open, "continues Jacinto. "To achieve this, the speaker system consists of six Nexo GEO-S by side, with front fill PS8 and PS10 installed in the structure of lights and four sidefill PS15.

"A Nexo NX242 speaker processor controls the system, which means that the output EtherSound M7CL-48ES goes directly to the system without having to go through an AD / DA conversion unnecessary. This ensures the best possible audio quality. "

A technical challenge that had to be overcome was that the metal structures for lights can be raised or lowered, as required by the different activities, which means that the phase characteristics of the front fill may change.

"The solution was to save individual features EQ and delay for those speakers as part of the scenes in the M7CL for different events," says Jacinto. "A solution simple, but effective, which also avoided the use of additional equipment.

"The system provides the best possible audio quality for the available budget and all users have been impressed by the improvement experienced by the sound Sphere".

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By • 12 Jan, 2012
• Section: Audio

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