Exterity, Techex, distributed in Spain has a new version improved their coders AvediaStream e2110 SD, designed to enable organizations scale video to a variety of resolutions content and distribution to offices satellite, remote workers via the web, handheld devices and integrate IPTV channels with digital signage.

TechEx, importers of solutions IPTV in environments corporate, has announced the new and significant improvements that Exterity It has joined its AvediaStream encoder e2110 SD. With over 3,500 installations worldwide, this new version of the encoder AvediaStream e2110 SD provides a wide range of improvements that will benefit both deployments already existing and new installations.

The e2110 receives analog sources and encodes them in digital video for transmission over IP networks. Compatible with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding, the e2110 provides greater flexibility to organizations in the search for solutions of integration of video in your communication strategy. The major improvements included in the AvediaStream e2110 include:

• Video component: better coding for component video, s-video and RGBS. This significantly improves the quality of video and adds flexibility to support
sources AV such as cameras and systems of signage digital.

• AES Encriptación: A secure encryption point ensures point-to-point transmission of audio and video of confidence through the network, protecting all sensitive content. This is a particularly useful feature for the banking sectors and health care, they need to protect their communications for regulatory reasons or for patient confidentiality.

• Telnet Control Interface (TCI): allows the integration in environments where centralized control of encoders are required. For example administrators can change the State of the encoder to stop/start the streaming automatically.

• Closed Captioning: closed-caption information capture from video signals NTSC for insertion in the MPEG encoded streams, allowing the use of subtitles to improve the user experience and meet legal requirements.

Colin Farquhar, CEO of Exterity, has stated that "in order to meet the growing demands of customers, Exterity continues innovating and improving its product lines to ensure
users viewing experience and high quality reception. The update
the E2110 not only improves the range of available video signals, but also allows greater control and flexibility. This latest release is part of an ongoing commitment Exterity to ensure the best possible solutions and ensure the availability of the most advanced features for our customers. "

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By • 17 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Distribution signals

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