Keywest Technology has updated the MediaZone Pro, the software and hardware of digital signage newly developed that offers all the tools of creation and management of content for digital signage applications.

Keywest Technology He has announced the release of version 2.0.15 of MediaZone Pro, the first major update of its new software application of digital signage since its initial launch in late 2011. This latest version offers a long list of improvements, including an instant command Wizard to send orders to an individual player or group of players; a function of recovery playlists that allows the user to collect a list of playback or programmed playlists of a player; the support for the import or export of a list of playback or the programming of them lists of reproduction from a unit USB external; and a tool of added from web pages redesigned.

Nick Nichols, President of Keywest Technology, has explained that "this version of the software offers to the customers more than 25 improvements that have requested since the launch of MediaZone Pro to end of the year last." We are fulfilling our promise to give them more control, flexibility and comfort with this version".

Numerous functions
New instant script Wizard allows users to communicate with a single player or group of players. The commands can include sequences of commands to run a wide range of functions, including the control and the management of events external.

In addition, playlists Recovery Wizard helps users retrieve playlist or program playlists from a player. This allows users to update a list of desired reproduction, even if the means that will be used are not stored or shared on their computers.

In addition, new support for import and export of an external USB memory device creates a Wizard for the recovery or the sending of one or more playlists from external memory device. This feature has a wide variety of applications, including sneakernet, which provides a simple and secure playback of playlist of digital signal management approach. Also can serve as system of support when the network is fall.

The tool of added of web pages is has redesigned also and offers a browser web to screen complete with a window blue for the adjustment and the trimming of the dimensions.

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By • 30 Jan, 2012
• Section: Digital signage

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