Vivitek Corporation has presented at the Technology Fair International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas the latest in its line of pocket projectors based in Qumi LED, the Q7, which increases the projection device family products manufacturer digital reproduction and presentation to a wide range of applications and expands its LED based projectors.

Qumi Q7Vivitek ha lanzado en la feria CES 2013 el pico proyector LED HD Qumi Q7, que ofrece hasta 800 lúmenes de brillo, una fuente de luz LED que ofrece hasta 30.000 horas de funcionamiento y una relación de contraste de 30.000:1. Incorporando resolución WXGA nativa de 720p a 1280 x 800, la unidad también con cuenta con capacidad 3D gracias al DLP Link de Texas Instruments y tecnología de conversión de contenido de 2D a 3D. En cuanto a las conexiones, el Q7 incluye HDMI, VGA, vídeo compuesto, puertos RCA audio-in y USB, junto con 4 GB de almacenamiento incorporado. Todo esto se recoge en una carcasa de 1,4 kg que mide 16 cm x 10.9cm y 3,3 cm de espesor.

"The hours of operation, brightness and image quality are key factors for consumers, and Q7 incorporates LED and other technologies and features such as converting 2D to 3D, in line Qumi to ensure that this projector family is versatile enough to meet consumer demand "indicated from the company.

The Qumi Q7 has controls touch-sensitive buttons and a stylish design corresponding to the Qumi projector family. It is ready to be used with a variety of devices, including digital cameras, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Ho Tinh, Vivitek product manager, said that "with the addition of Qumi Q7, Vivitek continues its goal of launching the portable projector market and energy efficient. We want to offer a complete line of projector models to fit any need and application. "

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By • 9 Jan, 2013
• Section: Projection

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