Enterprise information technology and Amper communication has succeeded, through its subsidiary Medidata, in consortium with Rontan, a specialized vehicle adaptation company, a security project "unprecedented" in Brazil related to major events sports that will take place in the Carioca country in the coming years (2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympic Games).

The Grupo AlmostThrough its subsidiary Medidata, it has awarded a consortium with Rontan, an innovative project of Integrated Command Centers and Mobile Control (CICCM), aimed at managing actions of public security and civil defense for the Great Events they will be held in Brazil from 2013. the project, which is unprecedented in Brazil, it is linked to the Special Secretariat of Security for Major Events of the Ministry of Justice.

El objetivo es la creación de vehículos especiales con capacidad de central integrada de operaciones y que puedan seguir en tiempo real los avisos de las agencias de emergencia que actuarán en los eventos. Así, será posible, que en cualquier parte del territorio se establezca un solo punto de contacto donde gestionar las comunicaciones de seguridad y defensa civil de todas las agencias, sin perjuicio de las condiciones de infraestructura con que cuente la localidad donde se desplace el vehículo, garantizando la continuidad de la toma de decisiones precisas bajo cualquier circunstancia.

The initiative has a national scope, for each of the twelve cities hosting the 2014 World Cup will have at least two vehicles. The award has been 27 vehicles, with a total acquisition value of 92 million Brazilian reais.

This operation fits in the new business plan Amper Group, which has the support of its shareholder Veremonte markets in Latin America and Brazil.

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By • 4 Feb, 2013
• Section: Security

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