The German manufacturer Dallmeier has developed the network model outdoor lighting DF4920HD-DN with IR three high-performance LEDs to achieve emission up to 25 m. away.

Dallmeier DF4920HD-DN-IRThe new network camera DF4920HD-DN Dallmeier It offers full HD video streaming (1080p / 30) in H.264 format, supports resolutions of up to 3 megapixel day / night switching and integrated infrared illumination automatically with IP66 protective housing for outdoor use (but can also be used indoors) .

En este último aspecto, este modelo ofrece un concepto de iluminación diferente, ya que en vez de disponer de muchos Leds pequeños y distribuidos circularmente en torno al objetivo, este modelo IR de Dallmeier usa tres diodos luminiscentes grandes de alto rendimiento (Leds de 850 nm), para lograr una alta eficiencia de emisión de hasta 25 m. de distancia y una iluminación homogénea incluso en zonas marginales.

Dallmeier DF4920HD-DN-IRThis model incorporates the new motorized IR varifocal lens. The powerful and precise positioning technology -For system lensefor the fast lens allows quick and precise adjustment of the focal length (zoom) and focus (One-Push Autofocus included) "stepper motor" through network.

Simple installation and easy configuration, powered PoE, the camera also features the "Digital Image Shift" function, which allows the digital image shift for fine adjustment of the frame.

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By • 7 May, 2013
• Section: Security

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