Analog Way has exploited its assistance to InfoComm 2013 to give to know those two processors AV that complete its platform LiveCore: Ascend 32 and ascend 48.

Aanalog way LiveCore

Analog Way complete your new generation of AV processors in high-end systems Ascend 32 and ascend 48, comprising the LiveCore platform with NeXtage 16 and presented at the beginning of the year, Smart MatriX Ultra models. He manufacturer took advantage of its assistance to it fair of InfoComm 2013 that is has held in Orlando, to present their new teams that, as them earlier, combine a design robust, connectivity versatile and a processor of last generation.

AV Ascend 32 and ascend 48 processors are offered as two powerful seamless switchers multi-display with 32 and 48 climbers respectively. Both systems offer 12 input seamless and 42 plug input: 6 by HDMI, DVI 9, 3 for DisplayPort, 12 by 3 G/HD/SD-SDI and universal analog 12.

Them teams can handle any source of video from composite to computer (up to 2560 × 1600) and give output in a great variety of formats, including HD-TV, format of computer (until 2560 × 1600) and 4 K.

Analog Way amount to 48 and 32Broad compatibility

As the rest of them systems of Analago Way belonging to the platform LiveCore, them equipment Ascend 32 and ascend 48 include an output Dual-Link independent for effects of control, with a view prior in mode mosaic of all the sources. The teams offer a variety of configurations of screen to adapt is to any application: mixer, matrix, Hard Edge and configuration of Soft Edge.

In addition to a native layer as a background, support climbing four-layer true-seamless exit Ascend 32 and up to six layers scaled true-seamless by output rise 48. The layers can be controlled individually in time real and in the transition. All the layers, that include 50 logos and 50 frames that are can save in the memory, is control of way uniform and is can change the size.

Them teams is can link, so the inputs and outputs can be shared and summed, giving place to a 24 × 8 Scaled Seamless Matrix with two views prior in mosaic full-time real.

The Ascender 48 provides advanced management layers. When the output is disabled, the layers can be moved to another output thus offering greater flexibility.

Analog way Ascender 32RCS Web

The Ascender Ascender 32 and 48 can be controlled directly from the front panel through a TFT color display, or by Remote Control Software Based on Web (Web RCS) designed specifically for LiveCore platform.

The Web RCS provides a graphical user interface that allows technicians to prepare the event and also control live.

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By • 14 May, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Audio, Display

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