The new system of video of Panasonic integrates a screen LED of five inches and a monitor with connection Wireless of 2.2 inches with which is possible see to them visitors from any location.

Panasonic VL WD812

Panasonic He has encased in a metal frame with LED light the video entry system that sits on the door. This integrates a camera with a wide angle of capture (110 ° vertical and 170 ° horizontal) which offers a view of wide angle, as well as the option to zoom only touching the monitor.

The main monitor, in addition to being connected to the door station also can bind up to four wireless surveillance cameras and six wireless monitors.

Panasonic VL V554The images captured by the cameras can be seen both from the main monitor the wireless or be stored in scenes of up to 30 seconds. With six monitors you can watch, simultaneously, several individuals.

Panasonic MWD501 VL.In addition to the flexibility offered by the use of wireless monitor, this video door is still useful when users are away from home, as it continues to record the movement of visitors on an SD memory card, which has space for up to 3,000 images which can then be stored on a PC.

The main monitor also has internal memory and can store images up to 50 visitors.

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By • 15 May, 2013
• Section: Control, Display, Security

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