The advertising agency of outside media Ocean Outdoor and Neuro Insight, neuromarketing company, have conducted a study to know the reactions of the digital billboards in the subconscious of people.


Ocean Outdoor, company's advertising media specialized in large-format digital outdoor screens, and Neuro Insight, Australian company of neuromarketing, have given has released the results of the study of emotional reaction of 115 people in 24 different outdoor digital advertising screens.

Neuro InsightThe study was based on Steady State Topography (topography in a stable state) technology Neuro Insight, whose procedure consists in that the person register a helmet with display, in which his stimulus and neural responses to various digital advertising screens will be displayed, and will collect information via electrodes located in the town.

The main conclusion of the neuronal responses gathered in the sample is the large outdoor digital media to provoke one greater emotional reaction, since they are retained for longer in the subconscious, with implications for decision making when it comes to shopping.

OceanThe concepts that measures and analyzes the technology of Neuro Insight in this study are the care (concentration and mental effort of the individual); the memory, i.e., with what impact are recorded those stimuli in the same; and the involvement of the person in the experience and your emotion.

This patented technology allows to measure second-by-second changes in brain activity and analyze response to digital communications and how brain affects them both as a rational and emotional level.

The study indicates that the placed outdoor digital displays generate stronger emotions and are better encoded in memory; people enjoy more with their vision, where the emotional impact and set the tone of surprise, resulting in advertisers achieve better results.

In addition, data of the sample show that the greatest emotions and activity to see this kind of digital screens large format outdoor air are collected in the right hemisphere of the brain and it responds to the changing environment with a positive effect and creative.

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By • 23 May, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Studies, Dynamic advertising

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