e-Pasto is an initiative European that is going to implement in the Pyrenees for facilitate the work of them shepherds. Through a virtual Shepherd, it is possible to control, remotely, from a computer or mobile form, and in real time, where are the herds.

Pastor virtual e-pasto

The e-Pasto project is an initiative that is part of the European project Agripir (co-financed by ERDF within the framework of Poctefa), which brings together Catalan, Basque and French partners in a cross-border cooperation initiative. Its objective is to launch a virtual Shepherd that herds to control remotely from a computer or mobile terminal such as smartphone or tablet.

The e-Pasto project, which is in pilot phase, is based on a transceiver necklace that is equipped with a GPS system satellite. A device that should be small and light so that you can integrate into traditional necklaces, but also robust to withstand shock, friction, and bites, as well as climatic extremes; and that is immune to the fields electromagnetic.

This device will be which let know to distance where is located the beef in time real, already are cows, sheep or horses. Also you will be able to control your state of health and it will detect if it is grazing or not and if it moves in a given time.

In addition, virtual pastor may interact with the herd to direct it to the desired area, by means of signals as sounds, vibrations or pulses.

The Shepherd of the flock in addition to geo - locate the herd can receive mobile messages and alerts when an incident occurs.

Before install these necklaces, will be necessary to study the behavior of the won and establish to who is you going to install in each flock. In addition, there will be to analyze the mechanism of interaction most suitable for each livestock: stimulation, duration, frequency and intensity of the same type.

With e-Pasto not necessary to install physical barriers to control the herds, helping to preserve the Pyrenean landscape.

Prototype development

The School of Advanced Industrial Technologies Estia, based in Bidart, will be responsible for developing the prototype of this necklace; while the Centre for Visual Interaction Technologies and Communications Vicomtech-IK4, based in the Technology Park Donosita, will make the development of databases and the program interface.

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By • 30 May, 2013
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Distribution signals

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