TSW touchscreens and Hall SSW signal connect directly with the most popular calendar platforms to facilitate the reservation and available rooms from anywhere location.

Crestron TSW x 60

As part of its simple, scalable, secure solutions for business rooms, Crestron presented touchscreens of rooms of the TSW series programming x 60, which connect directly to most popular business calendar platforms; and the signal of SSW Hall availability of room of high visibility, designed to make it easy to book and locate the meeting spaces available from anywhere: in the hallway, in the room by Crestron Mercury, DGE-100 or DM-DGE-200-C; and from the Crestron PinPoint application.

These rooms programming solutions were presented last week in Orlando, at the fair InfoComm 2017.

SSW mounted on the external wall of the meeting rooms glows a bright green to indicate that it is available and red if it is busy. This is seen from 15 meters without sacrificing energy efficiency, since it consumes less than 2 Watts. System integrators need only connect the SSW to a touchscreen TSW x 60 of Crestron using the USB cable of 4.5 metres which includes for a solution with instant functionality without having to program.

Crestron room meeting TSW x 60

The touch screens of the TSW series x 60 connect directly and securely to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and G Suite without having to incorporate any system of control or additional software, which simplifies and accelerates installation and large-scale implementation scale.

New TSW touchscreens are also compatible with HTML 5, which facilitates the creation of themes, incorporating system integrators wallpapers video in full motion and dynamic implementation of changes in one or all touch screens of the network.

The Mercury of the table and the room console screen displays the availability of room and details of the meeting, including connectivity instructions, the name of the Organizer, the topic of the meeting and the start and end times. Alternatively, for free-format or simple rooms with an available screen space, the DGE-100 and the DM-DGE-200-C provide the same useful information on screen. During the meeting, you can display information relating to the timetable of the room on the video presentation, including a countdown indicating the time remaining.

Crestron TSW x 60

From the Crestron PinPoint application, it's simple to locate and book nearby rooms with appropriate technology and capacity to meet the requirements of any meeting.

As all Crestron enterprise solutions, the touch screens of the TSW series x 60 and SSW are integrated with the programming and monitoring Fusion software to provide actionable data for use on the rooms and devices that companies they need to make business decisions in order to optimize the workflow, space and technology.

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By • 20 Jun, 2017
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