The Agbar Tower in Barcelona held on 5 June the world's environment day commemorative lighting that will begin at nine o'clock in the evening.

Torre Agbar Barcelona

On the night of June 5, the Agbar Tower in Barcelona celebrated the 41st Edition of the world's environment day, with commemorative lighting that begins at nine in the evening and continues until twelve o'clock.

The Tower Agbar provides to the Barcelona this spectacle of light only in dates very significant of the calendar. The next will be on June 17.

Torre Agbar BarcelonaAgbar Tower, headquarters of the company that bears its name, has a height of 142 meters, with 31 open floor without columns, each with a height of 2.60 meters and a total area of ​​39,000 square meters building . Of these, 30,000 square meters dedicated to offices and are located above ground. The total constructed area is 50,500 square meters.

Has 4,500 windows around the perimeter of the facade can be illuminated by the same number of lights, an LED system.

Since its inauguration, on 16 September 2005, the Agbar Tower has become an icon of Barcelona. The Tower, in addition to representing their city, embodies the philosophy of the company: it is an efficient building, an example of intelligent management, high-tech, environmentally friendly to the environment.Torre Agbar Barcelona-Interior

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By • 5 Jun, 2013
• Section: Events, Lighting

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