The latest Toshiba Led Lighting, lighting of the Japanese company division, is responsible for now illuminate with 34 hidden led within the framework the iconic portrait of the Mona Lisa, in the Museum of the Louvre in Paris.

Toshiba Lighting Louvre

Toshiba Lighting It has developed an innovative lamp Led technology currently illuminating the enigmatic portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa in the the Louvre Museum from Paris, with the installation of 34 Led systems hidden in the frame which protects the paint.

Toshiba Lighting Mona LisaThis project joins the one made last year by the Japanese company lighting division, when illuminated the famous exterior pyramid that gives access to the Louvre, and now extends to the interior of the Museum, illuminating the famous oil of the Mona Lisa and the red room of this picture gallery.

Thanks to this technology Led, visitors can appreciate the colors of the portrait of Da Vinci, since is compensated for the color change that caused the protective glass painting and reflections of ambient light, with a better view.

In addition to faithfully reproduce the original colors, Toshiba Lighting has integrated new optical systems that provide uniform illumination of all fabric and an innovative control system, thanks to which Museum can be adjusted precisely the power of light to ensure that the lighting is always as faithful as possible to the original colors of the box.

This is the first time that the Museum of the Louvre uses Toshiba Led technology to illuminate the inside of its rooms. For this project, the company has used a new generation of lamps, fixtures and lighting systems that improve the display of the colors of the paintings, suppress radiation UV and IR, as well as significantly reduce power consumption.

Toshiba Lighting red room Louvre

Led in the red room

The lighting technology Toshiba Led Lighting project has also been extended to the so-called red room from the Parisian Gallery, in which are exhibited large paintings representative of 19th-century French and one of the most popular and visited.

Toshiba Lighting Mona LisaIn the red room have been installed fluorescent Led and downlights for low consumption adjustable, as in the portrait of the Mona Lisa, improves the display of the colors of the paintings, suppress ultraviolet radiation and infrared, and give uniformity of light to the room.

The lighting ceremony of the new lighting Led of the Mona Lisa and the red room, carried out at the beginning of the month of June, attended Hidejiro Shimomitsu, Executive Vice President of Toshiba Corporation, and Herve Barbaret, general director of the Museum of the Louvre, which acudireron 480 guests from all over Europe.

Toshiba Lighting Mona Lisa 3The Museum of the Louvre and Toshiba maintained a collaboration agreement since June 2010. During this time, the Japanese company, through its French delegation, was responsible for the renovation of the lighting of the access to the art gallery and the piramidones pyramid; the Pavilion Colbert (December 2011) and Cour Napoleon (may 2012).

Thanks to these projects based on Toshiba lighting technology, the art gallery has achieved savings in electricity consumption on the outside of 73%. This ongoing collaboration force, so that by mid-2014 will be ready a new phase of this project which will light up with LED technology of the Japanese company Cour Carree courtyard of the museum and hall Napoleon.

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By • 6 Jun, 2013
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