Created by a group of researchers from the University of La Coruña, the Telegerontologia project for elderly care has presented the results of its effectiveness in homes and residences of Galicia.

Telegerontologia UDCThe effectiveness of the system of the UDC the study, conducted over two years in the framework of the European project "Envejecimiento activo", with the installation of the system in sixteen homes and 142 users of centres of adults who underwent tests before, during and after the system has been patent.

José Carlos Millán, director of the group for research in gerontology of the UDC, said that thanks to this system, "the users with mild dementia who are in their homes are able to use this device for themselves".

Geropad UDCAs Millan explains, the results showed that the Telegerontologia both improved the performance of mental like the user's cognitive ability, and even allowed early detection of cognitive impairment.

Currently, more than five hundred users of Galicia using the Telegerontologia at their homes by 75 euros a month, "which would delay the entry into a residence, whose cost is much higher", says Millan.

This system is based on a touchscreen with simple icons, so older people can view them and handle them without problems, with a system of Messenger that allows you to connect to the user for video conferencing via Internet connection with a control centre operating 24 × 7 formed by specialists and a central terminal that connects all devices and remote management.

Telegerontologia UDCSome medical parameters, such as cognitive status, blood pressure, pulse, level of oxygen saturation of the patient, etc., for therapeutic action can be controlled in a personalized way through this screen.

Elders can use videoconferencing to perform consultations as well as activities to exercise memory or psychomotor apparatus using the videos embedded in the system, which also has an element of teleoftalmologia to assess the visual acuity of the online user.

Telegerontologia project keeps evolving, and is currently working on the integration of new applications and technologies in this platform, such as modules power supply with appropriate menus or the integration of elements home automation to control the mobility of the user in your home.

Ten years of research

MiAvizorThe Telegerontologia project began ten years ago by a group comprising twenty-six researchers from the University of La Coruña. Although initially designed for use in homes, has proven its value in centers and homes of elderly as a useful tool so caregivers can make a more effective follow-up.

In addition to this system, from the Faculty of psychology of the University of Santiago de Compostelaanother group of experts have patented the MiAvizor system for elderly people who live alone, already installed in about 500 homes.

This system detects if the mayor suffers a problem using wireless sensors located in different points of your home, which analyzes user habits (whether or not there is movement, if it has not been in the kitchen, if it has not returned home,... and transmit information to a control center.)

Another development is carried out by the Department of telematics engineering of the University of Vigocalled Sam-TV, for the care and attention for the elderly, which is based on connecting this device to the TV with control from the remote control or with movement through the Microsoft Kinect system.

Sam-TV from services of consultation and communication with experts, a calendar to remember and take medication or know your pressure, among others, to leisure services to communicate with his family, chats of elders and related documentaries, films, etc.

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By • 18 Jun, 2013
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