Multimedia Control dealer has available solid state media player Watchpax 5.2 Dataton, custom designed to maximize production performance software applications Watchout digital signage.

Dataton Watchpax

Developed by the Swedish multinational DatatonThe media player Watchpax 5.2 is available for marketing in the Iberian market through its audiovisual distributor Multimedia control.

Watchpax 5.2, which was introduced globally in ISE 2013, incorporates Dataton Watchout software, including spatial interaction and new video integration capabilities, to simply having to plug and play presentations.

This media player optimized solid state integrated hardware and advanced production tools Watchout for shows and performances without having to set up and configure computers, updating graphics cards or display video cabling.

Dataton WatchpaxRobust and reliable, Watchpax makes it simple and affordable digital signage, as it is designed to meet the specific needs of distributed systems and facilities in multiple rooms.

For installations that operate in several areas or entertainment halls, this means that the hardware is placed as close as possible to the source display, without long and expensive video cables and minimizing the potential loss of quality and time of installation.

In installations where space is limited, or require the distribution of specific content, such as a multipurpose room exhibitions or museum exhibitions, Watchpax is an ideal solution for creative producers who require functionality Watchout.

It can also be integrated into the information points or to play digital content kiosks, signage and visitor center applications digital systems, etc.

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By • 27 Jun, 2013
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