The augmented reality market will be one of the fastest growing in the next five years, from 60 million current users to nearly 200 in 2018, which moved more than 1,500 million dollars, the report Mobile Augmented Reality 2013-2018 of Juniper Research analyst.

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Market analyst Juniper Research predicts in its report 'Mobile Augmented Reality: smartphones, and smart glasses Ttablets 2013-2018', how augmented reality technology will become an indispensable communication platform on mobile devices and trade.

According to the report, the number of users of this technology will grow from sixty million now to about two hundred million in 2018, which will mean that in the next two years this market billed around 1,500 billion and exponential growth during the following.

Augmented reality application for windows WionThe arguments analyst to predict this increase is based on the almost indispensable application of augmented reality technology on mobile devices, social networking and commerce as branding tool, something that is already happening in promotions of many companies, regardless its size.

A ello se suma la combinación de la realidad aumentada con otro tipo de sistemas y aplicaciones, como posicionamiento global GPS, reconocimiento facial, mapas digitales, etc. como medio para enriquecer la información y mejorar los modelos de negocio de las empresas con promociones comerciales de pago por descarga.

Juniper Research estimates that the market for apps augmented reality billed only comes around 300 million dollars worldwide year, and will grow 'dramatically' to the point that more than 2,500 million downloads on mobile devices will occur in the next five years, where the segment will play an important role, although this consultant says the extension of this technology to the sectors of travel, leisure, health, consumption, etc.

CEDETEL Realidad_AumentadaThe report notes that as the market matures, the use of apps augmented reality evolve to fit the device and specifies that the tablet will be the natural environment for multimedia and applications with second screen, while the smartphone will become the platform for applications of augmented reality navigation.

In this sense, Juniper Networks suggests that all this will entail improving the processing capacity of mobile devices, especially smartphones, and that the great medium-term development in augmented reality smart glasses will come from.

En cuanto a mercados globales se refiere, la consultora explica en su informe que el mercado de realidad aumentada móvil continuará liderado por tres regiones clave: Norteamérica, Europa Occidental y China (Lejano Oriente), ya que son los mercados más maduros en desarrollo de dispositivos móviles inteligentes. El informe añade que Japón será el mercado de mayor valor por bajada de aplicaciones por usuario en 2018.

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By • 11 Nov, 2013
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