DVTel Latitude video management system has been integrated into Symmetry of Amag Technology access control platform.

DVTel security control

The supplier of video surveillance solutions DVTel It has integrated its management system of latitude video with Symmetry access control platform of AMAG Technologysupplier that focuses on intrusion detection systems, access control and IP video.

Symmetry is an advanced access control and alarm management system designed for organizations of any size, whether they are small businesses and large multinational companies, offices or schools.

With this agreement reached between DVTel and Amag, users can benefit from the integration of IP video surveillance and access control in order to increase the security of the environment.

Amag Symmetry access control system allows you to view live and recorded video from cameras managed by latitude Software with the Simmettry customer, based on events or manual applications.

Latitude PTZ controls work with the client software with movements Symmetry tilt, zoom, focus and iris. Users can play the videos captured by Latitude and DVTel also set up cameras inside a Symmetry structure. Other features include launching video via camera icons on a graphical map and video playback using the Symmetry calendar control.

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By • 19 Nov, 2013
• Section: Control, Security

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