Suitable for vertical digital signage applications, as retail or trade fairs, Totem Air DS Digital Screens designed double-sided screen with thickness 32.6 mm and a diagonal of 55 inches.

DS Totem Air

DS Air Totem has been created by DS Digital Screens como una de las soluciones de digital signage más estrechas del mercado. Este sistema de visualización de doble cara presenta un espesor de pantalla de 32,6 mm permitiendo reproducir diferentes contenidos en un mismo equipo ocupando un espacio mínimo. El tamaño de la pantalla es de 55 pulgadas y ofrece la opción de escoger la luminosidad para que sea un tótem completamente interior (450 cd/m2) o combinar 450 cd/m2 con 700 cd/m2 para que esta cara funcione en ambientes exteriores semi-outdoor.

Another of the outstanding features of this totem DS Digital Screens are great possibilities for customizing it provides and ranging from Wifi until the screen is touch, through all kinds of decoration based on the brand image of the customer. This way, you can change the color, include the logo, etc.

Built in tempered glass and satin polished stainless steel, the DS Totem Air allows easy integration with the environment so it is an ideal solution for various vertical applications such as retail, corporate or fairgrounds.

The range of totem DS Digital Screens grows with the arrival of the DS Totem Air and comes to extend the Premium recently introduced family, a range characterized by LCD-TFT Full HD LED backlight and features models of 55 or 65 inches . This is an increase of 10 inches compared to previous models, making them in high image quality, large-scale formats and high capacity of impact on the audience.

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By • 2 Jun, 2014
• Section: OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising