The new tactile and interactive G6 iMotion Infinitus LCD systems, in sizes 47, 55, 65 and 72 inches and with one or double screen, provide a differential constant thermal management in outdoor installations and low power consumption without sacrificing a high quality and brightness with heavy use.

Infinitus G6 Imotion

The Slovenian manufacturer of outdoor LCD systems Infinitus It has begun European marketing of which has been defined as the sixth generation of its interactive DooH technology and high performance: G6 Imotion, which replaces the previous systems to offer in sizes of 47, 55, 65 and 72 inches, the highest quality visual outdoors with low energy consumption and noise performance 24 × 7.

The available with single or double screen G6 Imotion systems, which Infinitus announced at ISE 2014, provide as differential compared to previous models a constant thermal management, even when the outside temperature can reach 55 ° C, with a luminosity of the panels integrated LCD hundred percent quality assurance display advertising DooH.

Infinitus G6 Imotion

Thanks to this module air conditioning, this sixth generation of touch and interactive systems for digital outdoor advertising have reduced by 30% energy consumption compared to previous generation Infinitus also down by 25% its noise level.

G6 Imotion también ofrecen un diseño mejorado, con biseles de menor tamaño (70 mm.), al igual que la distancia entre el LCD y el cristal, que se sitúa en 12 mm. El diseño del marco y el ángulo de visión también se han modificado para ofrecer la máxima calidad, legibilidad y nitidez de visualización incluso en condiciones de iluminación adversas, como cuando el sol incide directamente en el panel.

Among other options to suit the requirements of integrators and customers, G6 Imotion systems can incorporate multitouch display, camera, ambient light sensor, shock and proximity sensor, gesture control, reader barcode printer entries, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G, UPS, speakers and microphone, as well as LED backlight options and adaptation to street furniture designs.

With three-year warranty, extendable to more than five, these systems offer continuous performance can be monitored and managed remotely, even if the operating system has a fault, with cold start and hot sequentially.

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By • 1 Apr, 2014
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