The Spanish company Charmex has added to its product offerings for digital education and conference interactive whiteboards Hitachi StarBoard FX series, consisting of FX and FX-79E1-89WE1 models.

Interactive whiteboards Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 and FX-89WE1, which sells in its proposal for digital classrooms and conference rooms Charmex, They are available in sizes of 79 inches (4: 3) and 89 inches (16:10), respectively.

Simple design, these systems have a strong shock resistant surface and sensor-based technology for touch and multitouch functions (up to two people simultaneously) for easy and intuitive for all users.

These models with infrared technology and image sensor, have a wide range of interactive tools to take notes, draw diagrams, illustrate graphics and designs, as well as applications to connect the PDI with mobile devices students or participants in a meeting in order to increase collaboration.

Starboard FX-79E1 and FX-89WE1 also be used as a passive board, so that all operations can be done with your finger or extensible pointer (included with PDI), while the anti-reflective layer on the surface minimizes reflection lighting projector, eliminating glare.

Hitachi StarBoard educational software offers a variety of digital inks to capture or write on any wallpaper and the ability to export notes to various file formats, in addition to handwriting recognition and integration of search tools.

In addition to saving tasks, this software also allows you to record a class or meeting video format, with audio and export files to PC. Slates StarBoard FX can also work with other software and open source application developed. Both Hitachi and Charmex offer online tutorials and personal tutor for teacher training in the use of these interactive whiteboards.

Whiteboards can incorporate universal mobile carriers TrauluxAlso marketed by Charmex, with adaptation system manual or motorized height, to use this system with both children, adults or mobile users with disabilities in wheelchairs.

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By • 21 May, 2014
• Section: To fund, Display, Training

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