Globalconcept technology division in Spain, Techtur, has developed the digital signage system Unyk TV, offering communication and interaction on TV Smart TV content in real time, particularly suitable for the hotel and restaurant sector.

Globalconcept Unique TV

The system of communication and interaction digital television content Uniyk TVdeveloped by Globalconcept It allows to place information both onsite (hotel, restaurant, clinics, etc.) and third for income.

Unyk TV offers an experience easy and affordable digital communication via Smart TV, where the user can edit and update a wide range of content from different formats in a more dynamic and attractive way, in real time and from any device with access to Internet (tablet, smartphone, PC).

Globalconcept Unique TVIn this sense, Unyk TV can be customized to fit the needs of any business, whether a restaurant, a hotel or a beauty center, as a channel of social media, tourist information and entertainment, corporate, to management room and as advertising support, among other applications.

The power of TV channels via coaxial cable allows the user to watch TV and its contents simultaneously and switch from one to another. The system also facilitates preview will know exactly what content will be available and how it is displayed.

Globalconcept Unique TVBased connectivity 'cloud' for editing and content updating is done quickly and easily, and adjusting the content automatically to the system requirements, regardless of the size of the equipment Smart TV that has the user.

The Unyk TV platform is multi-language and inserting messages, animations, videos, images, audio, promotions, etc. It is very simple and quick, so that the user can energize the point of sale, communicate with their clients or carry out promotional campaigns without technical complications.

Currently, the company is seeking commercial distributors in Spain with training in tourism, tourism marketing and IT for the expansion of this system.

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By • 10 Jun, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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